Be Thankful This Morning!

If you do not do anything else, be thankful this morning.

Even with those bills that may be piling up on the night stand next to your bed that you don’t have a clue right now HOW you are going to pay them, be thankful this morning.


You may have made a bad choice when that boy told you he loved you and if he could “put it in” just for a little while and now he has vanished without a trace just as fast as your period has and you don’t know WHAT you are going to tell mama when she comes in from those two jobs tired, still understand that you must be thankful this morning!

You came home from church praising your God yesterday in good spirits but you got home to find that your lights have been cut off cause your back-slidden mate took the bill money to go out with his drinking buddies all last week, go into your secret stash – put the lights back on, kick his drunk ass out but STILL be thankful this morning!

…….ain’t nothin’ like that divine stash! LOL!

The doctor pretty much said that his prognosis on your health is written in stone and it’s not really looking good, tell him that the God you serve is merely giving you the testimony of a lifetime, pay your co-pay, walk OUT the door and look to the heavens and be thankful this morning!

That old car is on its last leg and it decided to show its butt this morning to make you late for work and left you on the side of the road, understand that this is the catalyst to bringing you into your new life ’cause your future husband you will meet because he stopped to help you get it started, but while the smoke is pouring from under the ‘hood, look at the nosy bottle-neckers and scream out “I am so thankful this morning!”

Just think how the protective hand of your Creator has guided you through so many traps that never worked as they were planned for you and confused that mugger into a temporary paralysis that hid down the dark alley waiting for that victim who was supposed to be you. That’s a reason to be thankful!

Just think how His protective hand guided you home safely when the negative forces of the world had a fatal accident planned for you elsewhere as you THOUGHT that you wanted to take the long way home but in fact that was heeding the divine whispers of your loving Father who has other plans for you life. That’s a reason to be thankful!

Just think how many times we may has ingested a medication that should have given us a deadly seizure because we did NOT know that we were really allergic to it but it passed out of our system without even causing us any discomfort at all! That’s a reason to be thankful!

Just think of the fact that we don’t even control our breathing or heartbeat while we sleep at night yet if you are reading these words now you have been ushered through another night of delicious slumber once again and delivered into another day safely by your God like a pilot who lands safely once again to his destination!

You don’t know the first thing about flying that plane but you had faith that the pilot was in full control! So why is it that we can have more faith in a pilot that we DON’T know than the very God who you DO know that loves you unconditionally even while KNOWING all of the dirty laundry that you hide from the world?

Isn’t the fact that He still has protected you when you can’t even tell me the last time that you have acknowledged HIM a reason to be THANKFUL THIS MORNING?

Don’t get it twisted.

YOU did not give yourself the gift of life.

That main squeeze to whom titillates you carnally and has you walking on cloud nine can’t give you one more second of life if it is your time to be called back home!

Yet you will get down on your knees in freakish fashion faster to please that “love thang” who does nothing for you and won’t even be around six months from now than you will for the almighty Creator to merely give thanks for all He has brought you through who has always been, is, and always WILL be there for you if you stay connected to His will!

We are so quick to divvy out our thanks to everyone else when we are pleased faster than we give it to the One who deserves it every second of everyday if it was required!

I believe that no matter where we fall on the scale of divine obedience we surely need an attitude adjustment and a reality check because we just don’t have a clue as to how much has been done for us in our life even WHEN we take it for granted and haven’t a clue!

Even when you think there is no reason to praise your Heavenly Father know that He knows all and has shielded you from the wicked unknown forces of this world and has allowed you to forge forward with your live unscathed when you didn’t even know that death was planned for you!

So even when the rigors, challenges and tribulations come your way that sometimes seem to get on your last nerves being the mere human beings that we are, know that to give praise in a situation that others may deem hopeless is to shoot a direct flare up to the Heavens to let your Father know that you have complete faith that He has NOT abandoned you and that whatever His will is in YOUR life at this time is completely in HIS hands!

Thank Him this morning and find your peace knowing that He is in charge!

Isn’t it a great feeling to know that the ULTIMATE PILOT is flying the plane that is your life?

Thank you for taking the time to read these words and feel free to share them with all of your contacts!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother/Servant,


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