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Hang out with us on August 26, 2017 as we give you the live blow by blow account of the Mayweather Vs. McGregor  Money Fight that has the boxing world on edge!

Join us as we tell you what is happening on all of the fights on the card and discuss with callers from all over the globe their perspectives on the fight and every other match leading up to the main event!

We will NOT be rebroadcasting the actual fight which is a YouTube Terms Of Service violation but will relay what we see on the screen without showing the actual fight whole or in part. But in actuality know that it’s the next best thing to being there!

It’s just $1.00… that’s right you read correctly!!

We are the only ones providing this service right now on the Internet.

Don’t be fooled with copycats, inexperienced people attempting to imitate us.

We have been in service since 2010.

Also! After the event we will continue to hold  live call in’s to discuss

all facets of the fight!

Hurry Slots are filling up and we have limmited bandwidth Dont’ Miss Out!

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