It’s Bear Hunting Season In This Modern Day Sodom & Gomorrah Of Orlando Florida!

 Sodom & Gomorrah is alive and well in Orlando Florida!

At this point in my life I can’t keep quiet when I see something that must be spoken on.

As much as my head is spinning and full of words to share a perspective, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

Black people do not be fooled into following the sons and benefactors of your oppressors into the decadence that their laws deem a healthy normal practice!

What am I speaking about?

I’m talking about this phenomenon in the Gay world called the Bears.

These are some of the most grossly overweight and morbidly obese mostly White men with packed colons and “stretched to the limit” guts that appear to be in their third trimester of pregnancy who gather every year here in Orlando and other parts of the country and the world to meet up for only God knows what!

This is America people, the new Sodom and Gomorrah, a place where every demonic spirit is welcomed in to fester up into a twisted stench that would reach the highest heavens to cause even the Creator Himself to shed a tear because we know not the punishment that He must dole out in abundance.

Now let me say on the flip side, we have been given the gift of free will so whatever a human being chooses to do behind closed doors it is their right to do so.

This goes for every persuasion of sexual activity and I have to say that I saw a heterosexual couple at the bus stop with their limbs entangled in a very suggestive manner that I felt was very inappropriate.

So don’t even move your mouth to say that I’m bashing anyone and if feel like doing so I’ll never be afraid to swing for the fence!

But come on now, this is simply too much! Imagine a massive endless orgy of sweaty hairy artery clogged men who are on average 350 to 550 pounds who are at the resort swimming pools carrying on like horny high school kids who have finally broken free from the lust inhibiting eyes of that pest of a chaperone!

Many of these men I’ve personally observed had on wedding bands while deep tongue kissing multiple sloths while sweating like the pigs they emulate.

If you ask me, this is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah could have ever been because with the technology that we have now the lustful desires of the masses no matter what one’s kink is travels at the speed of light and this goes for everyone.

It's Bear Hunting Season In This Modern Day Sodom & Gomorrah Of Orlando Florida!

This being a tourist town and from what I hear the most sought after family friendly (HA!) destination on the planet, we here in Orlando have the second largest amount of hotels in the United States right behind Las Vegas Nevada.

That being said, it’s an amazing thought that most hotels would be filled to the brim with these dudes as they’ve arrived here in packs from all over the world simply to engage in couldn’t be anything other than reckless behavior?

I’ve tried so hard to ignore certain things and sprinkle my presentation with a dash of political correctness. But DANG! I can’t hold it in anymore and I’ve GOT to shoot from the hip.

I guess it’s a cherished state of being passed down in European culture as this is nothing new and has been documented for thousands of years but kept undercover as to not make an entire people look bad.

Dealing with the public I get a chance to speak with many people who work in the hospitality industry and you just would not believe the things that they with me!

Some of the hotel room cleaners literally HATE to work during the week that the “Bears” are in town and for good reason.

It's Bear Hunting Season In This Modern Day Sodom & Gomorrah Of Orlando Florida!

They tell me how the bed sheets are often bloody from what is obviously a result of the anal sex that has been indulged in. The hotel attendants are often summoned to bring extra towels to the rooms as well as other amenities but oftentimes find themselves catching a glimpse of the 4 or 5 men curled up on top of a king sized bed in various stages of undress.

What pleasure could these dudes really be getting from each other? Could you imagine the smell?

You see, the first blast of perversion regardless as to what variety it may be is initially “sweet” to the individual experiencing it.

After that, many spend their lives chasing that elusive scenario and rush of that first experience almost like a crackhead lives their entire life pursuing that first rush to their brains of crack.

So to get a perverse sexual high comparable to that first one, they must go deeper into their kink in order to get that temporary feeling of satisfaction that doesn’t last very long.

This is the way the matters of the flesh and carnal mind operate no matter what sexual practices that one is into.

So in my book to see how far we’ve fallen as a society to allow such activity to be so brazenly displayed is not only a knock on those who have left their wives at home to play with another man but is also a litmus test on the very health of this ailing nation!

Trust me, for me to share my thoughts so boldly like I am it will most likely push me deeper into my being blackballed by the various secret orders that call Orlando their home and beyond. But at this point in my life it must be obvious that I live by an entirely set of standards and am realizing a success that no one can take away from me because of the place that I am in my life. My heart does not ache for any status in their wicked order nor do I strive to walk arm in arm with my decadent oppressor. As a matter of fact, I’m trying to run away from that level of spiritual wickedness as fast as I can when I identify it in my midst! 

The bottom line is that this worldly order is out of sync with spiritual harmony and cannot go on much longer as it is. I urge my Sisters and Brothers to wake up to how many of us are being drawn into indulging in the depths of a freakishness that won’t do anything for us as it is counterproductive to the mental, spiritual and physical happiness that is so necessary today in such a hostile environment for Black people.

Our priorities are being tested as we speak and those who get sucked in to the foolishness will surely lose the momentum to complete our divine mission to uplift the downtrodden of us. The temporary foolish “pleasures” that have been placed here in our paths have been tailor made to take us out in the worst way and to follow those who have traditionally brought us nothing but death and hopelessness is not the time to do so at this point in history where we face extinction.

I want what’s good for us and I want the absolute best for us. I’m speaking to ALL of us regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of your sexuality because if you possess melanin then you are family to me. We can iron out our differences in time but know that I want life, light and love for all of us.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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