Beast Too: Dead Man Writing

Beast Too: Dead Man Writing: More Radical and Thought Provoking Opinions from The Gantt Report, America’s Most Controversial Black Newspaper Column
Lucius Gantt, with illustrations by Lance Scurvin, “America’s Most Outspoken Artist”

Johnny Guitar Watson – A Real Motha’ For Ya

Beast Too: Dead Man Writing is the most recent compilation of columns written by America’s most prolific Black newspaper journalist, Lucius Gantt

This book is a must have for anyone desiring to know the truth about African-American feelings about life, politics, economics, religion and relationships. Lucius Gantt is a world class writer, once employed by The Associated Press, The Washington Post, The Atlanta Journal and National Public Radio. His column The Gantt Report appears in America’s major Black-owned newspapers and information internet web sites.

Joseph L. Webster, Sr. MD, President, Institute for African American Health, Inc. Says, “The Gantt Report, like its founder, has been a breath of fresh air for the community – especially the Black Community. “Truth” has been so distorted by the mainstream media that an entire world of “clones” move about daily in a fantasy land in which they are the puppets of big money.

We NEED the GANTT REPORT and Mr. Gantt to” Tell it like it is” before the clones lose the ability to discern truth from fantasy. Congratulations on the release of your latest literary contribution to the sanity of humankind. “If it don’t hurt that mean that you didn’t feel it ” Bring on the pain “

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