· Talk about Goma, in Democratic Republic of Congo where local authorities are afraid of a destructive volcanic eruption and a dangerous release of Carbon Monoxide from Mount Nyiragongo. Village is located in the outskirts of Rwanda. Some are escaping by boat and others cross the Rwandan border.

· Remember when we talked last week about the 500 billion dollars bilateral trading between China and Africa and the $40 billion trading between Russia and the continent. Now, France is apologizing for its involvement in the Massacre of almost 1 million Tutsi in Rwanda. And Germany is not only acknowledging what they did to Namibia, they are also offering 1 billion dollars of reparation.

· Address Kevin Samuels being blasted by the Breakfast Club host DJ Envy. It seems that what I thought was accurate. The man is self-made but a charlatan at best, who allegedly used to hound customers in front of men’s stores, seeking a clientele. Now that he made it, the self-made narcissist believes that he has become the mouthpiece for the beta male Stockholm Syndrome Negroes.

· We’re going to hell! I remember in 2014, when Europe lost its mind because a bearded man in a dress won the Eurovision music competition. Some countries protested. Others asked how she did it. However, her performance was superb. Her name is Conchita Wurst. Fast forward 7 years later, we now have a black gay man performing in an erotic manner on the Saturday Night Live show. I mean Lil Nas X is talented, handsome, fit but damn… It’s already too much watching female performers being sexualized in an erotic and degrading manner but now I have to watch man grinding on another man groin, licking his neck performing on a public stage. Okay… The performance was superb and he was actually complimented on the Jimmy Fallon show (it’s actually quite funny). But watching Lil Nas X, it is to wonder now what other low we will degrade ourselves to?

· The Pandemic eviction ban will end in June. That means a lot of people will lose their homes. 10 million Americans are behind their rent right now. Congress did manage to offer a form of relief. However, it is very difficult for those same people to get that money. For example, the small business relief, in order to qualify, you need to have an EIN number, be registered with the IRS, with the City, have a corporate tax return, basically to show that you are as operational as a regular large business. It’s insane that you are in need of help and that now you have to prove to the government that you are actually in need of help! WTF!!! Non-profit organizations who were giving millions to distribute barely can qualify families for the relief funds. Versus Jeff Bezos who is worth 200 billion dollars and Amazon worth 931 billion dollars received a bail out of 10 billion dollars because he lost a bill to Elan Musk. That is just F’up!

Koch industries who just got in the real estate market have at the same time Koch foundation been funding the speeding up the eviction process in order to rent to more affording tenants. Based on the Wall Street Journal, Charles Koch is betting big on Distress Real Estate while the Kosh foundation is funding lawsuits to overturn the eviction ban. It’s not only him. Financial Speculators now account for 1/5 of the real estate market. How can you possibly win when you have speculative assholes betting against you? Wall Street is causing the spike in house prices. Basically, if the eviction ban stays, Wall Street will profit off the landlords who may lose their properties because of non-paying tenants. If the eviction ban is overturned, Wall Street will also profit with better paying tenants. All of this reminds me of the Second Bill of Rights of Franklin Roosevelt.

“Had Roosevelt lived and succeeded, every American, regardless of race, would have had the rights to a decent job, a livable wage, universal health care, a good education, an affordable home, a paid vacation, and an adequate pension. None of this would come to pass. No American would be guaranteed any of this”. That was part of the closing statement of Michael Moor in his documentary called “Capitalism: A love story”.

· Amazon is buying MGM for 8.45 billion dollars. It’s becoming a monster who has greed with no bounds. Owning one studio is just the same as owning all of them because they all do business together. IT IS a freaking Death Star! Amazon is the biggest employer by far, seconded by Walmart. They own Whole Food Market, Food delivery, the Washington Post, and now the Film Industry?

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