When I first put my energy into creating this talk show that bears my name, I wanted to manifest a unique vision that was quite different from the typical usual talk show formats that in my perspective was simply too confining and limiting to engage the guest properly to bring out the best in them.

Guests were rushed along and never really given the time and opportunity to share what they had in their words because of the overwhelming presence of the show host who oftentimes hogged the spotlight as well as being distracted by the entire process that had production limitations.

I wanted it to feature real people who might not have accomplished anything of note that may have landed them on the front page of a major newspaper or network television but whose very experiences were worthy of sharing with others who may have been going through a similar challenge.

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Everyone has a story to tell, and I think it’s a crime that because those same very precious individuals feel that there is no outlet who may be interested in what they have to say, their valuable tales never get heard by the countless REAL PEOPLE who could truly benefit from hearing them.

…….and what type of stories am I looking for?

Well quite frankly, I seek to showcase stories that real people want to hear, tales of personal struggle and eventual triumph.

We would love to speak with those who struggle with Drug Addiction and substance abuse and what they went through after hitting rock bottom.

Are you a master of a particular area of expertise and would like to share your vast knowledge in an up close and personal manner to the world?

We seek stories of the violations of Dysfunctional Families and the silent cries of that man, woman or child who was abused or raped but never spoke out because of the overwhelming fear, shame or guilt. You can speak out freely here!

We showcase stories where one had no choice but to blow the whistle on those devious employers who work around federal law to violate the rights of someone who merely wanted respect and an honest days pay.

Tales of Police Brutality and Harassment.

Are you or one of your loved ones the victim of some type of injustice such as Racism or Sexism?

Share your stories of those who are isolated because of the unpopular decision of who they’ve chosen to love.

I’d also love to hear from the Entrepreneurs who have the enthusiasm and plan to manifest a business and what they had to conquer to get there.

Let’s talk about Relationship Struggles and share our hard earned advice on those issues that most find too embarrassing to ask about.

Are you part of an Organization that wants more exposure for your cause or can help others with available resources that are hard to find? Then let’s talk.

This show as far as I’m concerned is for the masses, one sweet slice at a time to display the often overlooked fact that we are all people who have our various struggles and need a platform to speak our hearts out in an uncensored fashion without having to worry about being politically correct or our more passionate statements edited out.

If this concept of self expression appeals to you and you have something very precious and personal to share, then do not hesitate to give me a call directly at 407.590.0755.

Remember, you don’t have to be famous to have something relevant to share, when others refuse to showcase your story, LanceScurv will never turn it down. Bar none!

Also, do you have a question, comment or idea about The LanceScurv Show?

Maybe there’s a topic you’re passionate about?

Have someone in mind that you feel that Lance should interview?

Do you have an Interesting Business, cause or story that other media outlets ignore?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Please use the form below to send us your thoughts and suggestions.

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    About The LanceScurv Show Podcast At A Quick Glance:

    Format: International Talk Show via The Internet.

    Accessibility: In Person At The Studio & To all who have an Internet Connection via Computer or Smartphone.

    Length: No Time Limit When Recorded Live. No Time Limitations When Recorded As A One On One Podcast.

    Premiere Date: August 11, 2011

    Show Host:  LanceScurv

    Location: ScurvMedia Studios is located in sunny Accra Ghana. Remote Interviews are Recorded Or Broadcast Live via Phone Connection making everyone geographically desirable to participate regardless of location. Video sessions are shot on location.

    The LanceScurv Show is an independent unique hybrid of grassroots news, issues and entertainment featuring interviews with the common man and woman as well as authors, entertainers, activists, business persons, Elders, athletes, politicians, artists and clergy as well as anyone who is considered influential in their own right large or small.

    The LanceScurv Show, under the parent corporation of ScurvMedia LLC, is a completely self funded business entity that answers to no one unlike many others who are controlled in who or what they can feature to the masses. All support, whether in the form of monetary donations or spreading the word about our show is greatly appreciated.

    Please refer to the show page on our blog at for upcoming show times as well as for featured guests and topics.

    Text/Call LanceScurv direct @ 407.590.0755 or forward your inquiries and media kits to [email protected]