Being An Original Talent In Cyberspace Can Attract Some Strange, Unpredictable & Downright Deadly Entities!

I could write a book on my personal experiences out here in cyberspace. The entities that lurk in the deep waters of this very intriguing place can range from the most humorous and entertaining to strange, unpredictable and downright deadly.

The lure of internet fame and a faux life makeover through the lies, Photoshopped pictures and hard to believe stories shared that never took place run free and in abundance probably more than one can stomach like an “all you can eat buffet” that you couldn’t wait to get to all week but now feel sick from your overindulgence.

It can be a bit much as the line between fantasy and reality has become so blurred that even those  who have constructed their own personal propaganda machine couldn’t even tell you what is fluff from fact.

The modern day crack called Facebook has turned us all into addicts who hold the pipe called smartphones with an iron grip that causes us to panic when the charge diminishes in it when there isn’t a charger and electric outlet in sight.

We get to see into the lives of  strangers so thoroughly and in ways that our nosy insecure selves have never been able to see before. We gaze anonymously into the profile pictures of neighbors that we don’t speak to, co-workers that we can’t stand and keep up with long gone ex lovers who might not even remember our names or forgotten episodes of lust that meant so much to us but hardly even ring a bell to them.

The internet as it is today is responsible as a catalyst for broken marriages, violent felonies, ruined lives and damaged hearts.

Now what would we do without such a wonderful technological advancement that has really done nothing to enhance our existence as much as it has become an inoperable terminal illness of a cancer to all things community in the most traditional edifying ways that now seem to be a distant ideal of the past?

So what if we can transmit a thought faster than we ever could before or have literally shut down the need for a the Postal Service because of our new found independence which has cut out the need to lick a stamp?

So much has changed in the world and how we carry out our business during our workdays because of our cyber accessibilities, but the most evident of all roles it has played from what I can see is that it has allowed individuals with overblown self images to inflict their mindsets on the world around them!

We have these so called “great writers” and philosophers who never take the time to express their so called great trends of thought or philosophical views yet knock YOU when you easily express yours every day without ever having the nerve to grace yourself WITH a grand title of accomplishment! And if you are wondering if I am speaking about myself you are correct!

It seems as though the more I express myself to the delight of an ever growing fan base, those who are the “posturers” become angered and have a need to attempt to shoot me down as though their deep critical analysis of my energized passion to pursue the expression of the inner universe that resides within me in great abundance will actually discourage me and give them an opportunity to shine because I’m now out of the way!

The sad thing is that if you feel as though you have to shoot me down to shine then you are in this for all of the wrong reasons because cyberspace is huge enough for us to do our thing without us stepping on each others toes. You might need a serious gut check to deal with the embedded issues that are making you feel this way!

First of all, let me explain to these talking heads that I do what I do not for attention and not even for money! While receiving funds for something that you love is the ultimate high and a direction that I’m taking things as this year progresses, this is something that I would pursue with a passion if you told me that I wasn’t ever going to make a dime from it!

This might be the difference between myself and those pesty little naysayers that lay in waiting for your every Facebook post like a hungry roach waiting under the refrigerator hoping for you to drop a crumb so they can feast. They wait for the opportunity to disagree or prove you wrong in something that at last check was a personal OPINION, when they can’t top you on your focus, motivation, creativity, vision, drive and charisma they HAVE to find something to come at you on because you are making their world appear to be so non productive!

It’s almost like the dude pissing at the urinal in the men’s room who wasn’t endowed with enough of the manly equipment to satisfy his wife getting a peek at the massive pipe that the man pissing in the stall next to him has and hating him for HIS half an inch clit of a penis that he has!

…….in other words, don’t hate me for my uniqueness and the creative stride that I have been blessed to possess! It was a long time coming and now that my abilities and MASSIVE archive of ORIGINAL work has finally come to see the light of day PLEASE don’t try to compare me to a flash in the pan when motivation flows out of my every pore like water falls at the base of Niagara falls!

Too many graphic artists and pencil illustrators out here have told me that the detail in my art is simply too much but the fans LOVE IT!

Too many writers tell me that I write too long but judging by the email that I receive everyday from the fans they can’t get enough!

Damn! I didn’t know that there was a script to this thing! Can I just come out here without having your idiosyncrasies inflicted on me and just be me?

Many who have given up on maintaining an internet radio show have told me that I won’t last long because I put too much energy into my conversations but after just having my 206th show this past Saturday morning I have so much more to say and the numbers are climbing higher to an unprecedented level than they have ever been before!

What’s the secret? I’m doing me and I NEVER second guess myself to subscribe to the failed scripts that others have attempted and want to try to get me to accept as natural law. I am here to break all rules and do the impossible my friends and if there are those who want to get their feelings hurt by failure to corral my enthusiasm to join the club of the defeated then they have their work cut out for them and they need to be prepared to walk around here for a LONG TIME with their feelings hurt!

LanceScurv - Ready To Rumble

So while the wide open platform called cyberspace will allow one to called themselves whatever they desire or construct a false life footprint to change their pedigree and status to impress others when it may be the furthest thing from the truth then go right ahead and waste your time living the illusion of cyberspace! When you do it that way it is no different than taking a puff of the latest brain damaging drug and playing pretend that your reality is truly that orgasmic cloud of deception that you are on but are reminded in a tragic manner that you are really living in a sorry state of affairs once that high comes down or rather the computer gets turned off…….

So whatever I am know that I am happy with it and set my life up to succeed easily with the full support of my loving Wife. The one mindset that I am so glad that I elected to hold on to in my ride out here in cyberspace is to keep myself independent. When you show some flashes of promise in your chosen field of excellence or expression, you will attract those leeches who will watch you closely only to move in on you when they feel they can benefit from what you do.

They will masquerade as friends yet never ever return a phone call but when you do something that is beyond the scope of their understanding, here they come demanding out of you what your recipe of success has been for that particular episode of brilliance. Understand that like all of the times before, they are NOT there to work along with you as they claim, but merely to usurp your knowledge for their agenda! Always maintain your independence and never fall for the hoax love and togetherness that these frauds come at you with unless they have proven themselves in an undisputed fashion.

So be careful out here in cyberspace as it can be a wonderful vehicle for expression but be very leery of the do nothings who envy your style and will do or say anything to slow down your flow. So many people want the shine that comes from putting in the HARD WORK but not many want to do what is required of them in the form of the sacrifices that it takes to get there.

Stay motivated. Stay focused. Never question yourself. Do you and MOST of all stay independent in every aspect of your game. Do this and you will have the most fulfilling ride of your life and you won’t have to look to anyone else or go take a class in a school to have it that way. It’s ALL in you!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother Whose creativity Appears To Be On Steroids,



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