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Brother Kofi is a lifelong resident of Benton Harbor Michigan and he has stepped up to speak on dynamic – little known beyond that particular geographical area – between Benton Harbor and the adjacent town named St. Joseph.

Benton Harbor Michigan, overwhelmingly Black, 90% poor and 70% unemployed and St. Joseph is vehemently maintained as a racist White stronghold enjoying low crime rates, a booming economy and the best that America has to offer.

Together these two towns have a relationship in the present that’s a throwback to the Jim Crow South era.

Many residents of Benton Harbor are very hesitant to come forward and speak on the oppressive conditions there but also Brother Kofi reveals how the Black Churches – approximately 200 of them in a town whose numbers are in the 11,000 range – play a role in their own oppressed state of being.

So as you listen in on the hard hitting straight shooting words of Brother Kofi I want you to ponder the question…is this the worst place to live in America and is this the diabolical masterplan of a blueprint for the Black Communities abroad in the near future?

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