I present Workshops & Teach. I also present mini retreats that include Crystal Road Trips and Wellness Spa’s . With regards to the Ancient Art of Healing, I love of the Laying of Crystal Stones on the Body which assist with balancing the 7 Energy Portals called Chakras and include doterra EOs.

I also provide what I call a “Take time to slow down” with A full body (SSR ) Stress, Relief, Relax is what everyone needs Adults, Teens & Children are affected in our Busy world. Experience Aroma Touch Therapy is the answer, using 8 specific doterra EOs allows the body to reduce stress,anxiety combined with a Crystal Sound Bath I call Gifts From The Earth.

I am a part of a Healing Circle which is held every Tuesday @ Nicholas Brooklyn that provides community services .

I continue to be guiding light to those who seek answers as I learn to trust myself & trust life’s gifts given to me. I have traveled to many places in the world imparting Wise words and downloads to self guide & to all who come before me “you have a power within self to achieve your Heart passion for the highest good for yourself and in the Universe”.

I call it the Inner journey reconnecting to Nature and “All That Is”. The Energy /Spirit/ Force is called many names and when activated can expand Life to our Greatest self, it is a choice to live from the HEART !!!!!

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