The Bernard Hopkins – Beibut Shumenov Fight Analysis & Discussion

If Bernard Hopkins were a participant in any other professional sport, he would be lauded as not only as an all time great, but one who would hands down be considered as a once in a lifetime enigma surpassing the boundaries of all sport and logical comprehension.

I mean, this can be said of what he’s accomplished as the middleweight champion of the world long before he moved up to the light heavyweight to accomplish after the age of 40 what most fighters would love to have done in the span of their entire career!

Hopkins Shumenov

So for him to be fighting at the age of 49 at the championship level is something unheard of in most contact sports altogether.

It becomes an even more mind blowing accomplishment when you realize that this was all done by Bernard Hopkins in what has to be considered the hardest sport of them all!

But for some reason the masses just don’t seem to get it and will regret it when the career of Bernard Hopkins comes to an end.

But most who haven’t cared to understand that we have an all time great in our midst will feel much better knowing that they can play catch up on all of the YouTube videos that have captured his greatness as well as the very informative and entertaining interviews that he is well known for.

But I myself know that whatever happens on fight night history will be made and I welcome all who love the sweet science of boxing to join in with me for an evening of absorbing yet another bout that promises to be very entertaining.

Yes, 49 year old Bernard Hopkins may not be what he used to be 20 years ago, but you’ve got to understand that this fight is just a month shy of being 21 years after his first middleweight title bout with Roy Jones back in May of 1993. That fact alone blows your mind when you think that a person can fight at the championship level for so long and still maintain winning.

Maybe these other Performance Enhancing Drug using athletes could learn a thing or two from the former Executioner who now goes by the name “The Alien.”

Will Hopkins once again make history? We will see!

Just don’t forget to join us on fight night!

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