Bernice King Revisited: Martin Luther King Jr. Did Not Take A Bullet For Gay Marriage!

Recently Bernice King, the youngest daughter of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., sat down with Atlanta magazine in an interview with author Rebecca Burns to speak on her family life with her siblings and her running the King Center.

She made big headlines before with her previous “Martin Luther King Jr. did not take a bullet for gay marriage” comment.

The author, Rebecca Burns, before the interview was over, just HAD to ask Bernice what her stance on Gay marriage was and of course, she didn’t disappoint those who wanted the truth!

Bernice King Onstage

Here’s what she said:

“People have labeled me homophobic. If was homophobic, I wouldn’t have friends who are gay and lesbian, so that can’t be true. But because I have a certain belief system, I am now the enemy. And I’m not the enemy. I have love for everybody, period. I don’t think it’s my role and responsibility to take on a platform unless God calls me to do it. That’s not something that I feel called to do.”


“I value marriage between a man and a woman. Spiritually I value that. Psychologically I value that. I know that the absence of my father in my life had its cost.”

……this set off a firestorm of negative comments toward Bernice King and for the most part they weren’t too pretty at all!

What have I seen online? Well, first of all many mentioned how she HAD to know something when she was at Eddie Long’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and only jumped ship when it all came out in the public realm.

Bernice King And Eddie Long

That she was more concerned about her image more so than the church and the man to whom she was connected to for so very long. She was called a hypocrite for even making these statements that weren’t negative toward the Gay and Lesbian community, but were taken in the worst way because of the strong rumor that she herself is a closet lesbian.

This is why it was rumored that her and Eddie got along so well in the first place! They were kindred spirits to the highest order!

Now is all of this really my business? Heck no! But as a blogger with many who wanted to know what my opinion was, it was my duty to respond to the numerous messages that had my phone popping off like a miniature version of a Fourth of July celebration! LOL!

But yes, I heard the rumors about her too, but then again, the talking heads will always talk and most of the time it amounts to absolutely nothing at all. But it got me to thinking, has she ever been associated or linked to a man even in the most remote of ways?

For a person to be in the public eye in the days of Social Media, it’s quite hard to even pick your NOSE without someone trying to figure out where you wiped the booger.

So while I value my own privacy and will fight and claw to keep the little that I DO have, she has to learn that it goes with the territory in this day and age when it comes to HER lifestyle when she makes such statements.

Aside from this, shouldn’t we have the right to even HAVE our opinions no matter what they may be?

When are people going to understand that just because you may be “Pro-something” that you aren’t necessary anti-anything?”

It merely means that you have a stern believe in something and support it wholeheartedly.

It seems these days that our society has turned against what God has stated in His divine word and anyone who doesn’t co-sign on what THEIR agenda is, is merely someone who is filled with hate and deemed narrow minded.

Narrow minded?

The King Center

Well if God in His infinite will who created the very life that we ALL have should know something about what’s best for us especially since He not only made us but created the user manual for all of our issues and needs.

Now some of us want to go and either tamper or ignore that user’s manual to do what WE want to do and because we’ve gotten our President to echo the feelings of those who want to banish anything that has to do with traditional marriage.

Yes, I know, there are many who will state that “traditional marriage” wasn’t always what it is now and that in history men were in certain culture married to men and the same for same sex marriages for women.

You will have those that counter that heterosexual marriages in the present are really only a business arrangement where it’s merely a tax break or the sad statistics of the length of this institution called marriage lasting only for the divorce lawyer to be called in to divvy up the possessions.

But really, if Bernice King ever was/is a Lesbian, doesn’t she deserve the chance to speak her mind as it is in HER walk?

Personally, to me life is what you make it and if YOU believe in something that I may not dig as the proper way than who am I to hate you for it?

Maybe I might be labeled as a hypocrite because of those years that I’ve laid up with the multiple female partners who lived with me who were quite adept at releasing each others sexual tensions even when I wasn’t present! And I really can’t say that it was a traumatic experience for me, what reformed crackhead will tell you that the crack highs that they experienced weren’t a blast? They will only pray that they don’t relapse…….I can truly identify with that ’cause I’m praying for strength in the struggle of my weaknesses every night too! LOL!

But seriously, the Gay Mafia has slowly twisted around the perception of the masses while playing victim when someone like Bernice “Stands Her Ground” on her beliefs.


And many a Gay and lesbian Black person will agree, that the gay struggle has nothing to do with what we’ve been through as Black people in this country and anyone who tries to sell you on this story is a damn liar!

But the mind control goes on, now there’s not a song or movie that can get “green-lighted” in Hollywood without some manifestation of the “acceptance” of this way of life. But you know what? No one wants to speak out on it!

Many feel this way but are afraid to do so but I’m not at all! It’s funny, with the projected perception that so many countless millions live this way, I truly believe that it’s like a dog whose bark sounds worse than it’s bite.

The food, the hormones, the broken families, the dysfunctions, the media mind manipulations, the Godlessness and the questions that many of our young have for the pain that they’ve inherited in this world will cause many of them to try anything out if it can bring them to a sense of peace from within.


It doesn’t mean that they are “that way”, it just means that we who call ourselves the righteous followers of God’s word have failed miserably in our divine duty to loving our youth and exploring their world to bring them up out of whatever they are feeling.

So regardless as to WHAT you think of Bernice King, SHE at least didn’t bite her tongue even if she ever used that same tongue to tickle the swollen clit of another woman!

Truth is TRUTH!

Peace & Righteous Love always,



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Contessa Miller
Contessa Miller
August 17, 2013 10:36 PM

I only take offense if people use Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s name, even his children or blood relatives, to defend a personal belief, political issue, or social concern of theirs. It does not matter what the issue or controversy is. Dr. King’s legacy stands on its own!!!!

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