I find it so fascinating that many of us seek the satisfaction and connectedness of a wonderful friendship while forsaking the chance to cultivate a friendship with the best person in the world to be connected to…….THEMSELVES! I’ve found out in life first hand that until you are friends with yourself and actually BEST FRIENDS with yourself that you could never bond with anyone else to the highest degree if you are not.

This is why it is so important to understand that we understand that the love that comes externally as in a committed relationship works so much better when we know ourselves, are happy with our own company and truly accept and love ourselves. This also means that we cannot slack on the private time that we spend with ourselves to ensure that we never lose that divine connection with self. Doing this on a regular basis literally guarantees that your relationships and friendships will work out a lot smoother especially if all parties involve make sure to follow the same self love cultivating practices.

So absorb the crucial points in this video and make sure to share your perspectives in the comment area below as well as your own suggestions and practices that work for you to keep yourself as your very best friend throughout the span of your entire life.

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    Thanks Brotha, you have a foot soldier in your corner.

    • LanceScurv says:

      Thank YOU! I am so honored and humbled by your words and look forward to the day that we are free as a people!

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