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LanceScurv breaks down his perspectives spawned by an article written for the “” website that applauded the shutting down of the BET Network’s 14 year show “106 & Park”.

While many do not feel as though it wasn’t a bad show to have in their regular programming lineup, many other felt as though it promoted a decadence and buffoonery that was too readily absorbed into the subconscious minds of our gullible youth and acted out in real life which helped to lead to a more intense state of decay in the Black community.

Guns - BET

Now while I won’t place the complete blame on a mere television show as to why our communities are losing the foothold that was gained in the civil rights movement, the fact of the matter is that these decadent offerings are allowed to seep deeper into the psyches of our youngsters because of our lack of presence in their very impressionable lives.

So while this program that was once somewhat had positive offerings in the beginnings of its run, it now looks nothing like its former self and it’s time for it to vaporize into thin air.

106 & Park BET Graphic

The promotion of killing one another, wonton unprotected and irresponsible sex, the profanity/disrespect toward the Elders and the misdirected aggressions of our frustrated youth is definitely something that the BET Network is NOT fighting against!

So while they will take one month out of the year to pull out the same old dusty programming for Black History Month – with their “approved” knee-grow leaders and icons – like that old moldy Christmas Tree that the family pulls out every year for the holidays out of the crawlspace, understand that they will never implement any shows and documentaries that will inspire our youngsters for a righteous revolution.

So whether one agrees or not with the article or even my personal expressions afterward, one cannot deny that no matter the source, there is a poison being spread to the minds of our youth and it has to be by design because it is delivered so flawlessly.

The tide must be turned in our favor as there are so many things to do that we have the power to change that we have thus far neglected.

The signs are undeniable and the call to arms is long overdue!

Let’s take back the mind, body and soul of our youth or risk our very future being snatched away.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always

Your Brother,



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