Beware Of The Christian Facebook Hookers!

Are you a Facebook Hooker?

Do you prowl the internet cyber hoe-stroll in search of an opportunity to turn tricks by displaying your profile pictures that you swear up and down are innocent but deep down know how people are and how they will come at you under the radar of the public in your inbox and while you seduce from the comfort of your own home?

…….all the while praising the Lord?

Never before has being a hooker been so easy.

Christian Facebook Hookers

The internet is your street corner and with a good enough profile page you can stand there twenty four hours seven days a day while you go about your day to eagerly see the next masked friend request which is really like that dude who drives around the block again and again that is mustering up the nerve to ask you “how much?”

All the while their deceptive game is manifest to the masses they will speak strongly in their profile pages of the greatness and power of God in their lives with a freshly churned creamy mouthful of some strange man’s frothy cum!

The chasm between denial and deception has widened because no one can claim they saw you anywhere because all of your tricks come to you!

Being a hoe has never been easier and prostituting your adornments has never been better.

Praise the Lord!

There is no threat of harm as you proceed at a pace that is comfortable for you.

There are no pimps to slap you up side yo’ head and demand that they YOU give them YOUR money.

Preachers love you because you keep their congregations full to the brim of the affluent who come to tithe their way into the position of being in the inner circle of the chosen few.


There are no undercover sting operations on hookers like you because there is no exchange of money at first.

Facebook Hookers can work multiple business prospects at a time and move forward when they are comfortable enough after reviewing the validity of their “johns” claims of a prosperous life.

Plus, the great part of it is that with the Facebook privacy settings manipulated properly, a Facebook Hooker can allow only who THEY want into their world and omit any particular person from viewing their movements online as they please.

…….Continuing the facade of holiness has never been so simple for the Facebook Hooker.

This makes the arduous task of living a double life child’s play and allows that seemingly innocent “I just get on Facebook with decent intentions” type of individual to turn tricks at such a rapid pace that even THEY will begin to believe the lies that they have told about their cyber life to the many unknowing and willing people that they have seduced.


You can see all kinds of Facebook Hookers out here in full force online if you have a trained eye to really understand their deceptive and deceitful movements.

There are the young adolescent Facebook Hookers who have learned the art of seduction at a very young age and have banished their transitional period of insecurity by plunging themselves into the false compliments provided by those aged predators who should be ashamed of themselves as they pursue this under the radar activity with the enthusiasm as someone’s grandfather who has dedicated their life of retirement to hunting and fishing.

Hunting and fishing takes on an entirely different meaning on Facebook but so many of us will never see the damage that these Facebook Hooker transactions will have on our lives as the unseen seducing spirits of this world have found a stronghold in cyberspace that will destroy even the mightiest of us through the accessibility to those all too sinfully sweet nether-pleasures of the pre-hell death world, this will guarantee that Satan’s Kingdom will swell to the limits in occupancy like a popular nightclub whose potential clients spill out into the streets for a chance to be picked for entry by the well muscled bouncers who guard that nightclub door!

You can see the middle aged Facebook Hookers who felt that their run as a real life under the radar hooker was over until they discovered the benefits of this intoxicating platform that could extend their career as a seducing entity much further than their shelf life would have previously allowed them with a higher return and a lighter workload as they display their wares and let their customers come to them without ever having to unbutton the top buttons of their blouse or having to brave the streets of the real live stroll ever again!

It’s almost like those aging entertainers who have been pushed to the wayside by the next generation of mega superstars that have stolen the hearts of the masses only to be left with the feeling of now being the faded glory of the past but have found a temporary home as a Las Vegas stage show attraction which could sometimes double as a sideshow attraction to those who understand that they are the stars that have been put out to the pasture for the remaining days.


So imagine the joy experienced for that greying and wrinkling Facebook Hooker who can now once again command the attention that they once received when the sweet juices of youth ebbed and flowed through their veins in a manner that made them feel as though the youthful ride would last forevermore as they occupied a throne that would never be devalued?

These in fact are the worst Facebook Hookers who prance the very public stage of the internet and walk the fine line between righteousness and church whore.

They too know that their shelf life is still limited more so than the budding youthful upstarts who have the advantage of being preserved in the game of seduction more so than they ever could!

To be able to operate their game of erotic entrapment for just a little bit longer than anticipated and that their age dictates is the ultimate shot of perpetual Botox that a “running out of time” hooker could ever have!

Facebook Hookers

We have made unbelievable strides in our abilities to communicate to each other through the technological means afforded to us by scientific discovery. But we must always remember that it is human nature that can either elevate our condition or destroy any gain that this same platform called Facebook and social media has given us.

On a serious note, manipulation, deception, prostitution, lust and seduction are unfortunately things that will always be with us in this world but we have to be responsible enough to keep ourselves in check when it comes to resisting the temptation to indulge on planes that our Creator just wouldn’t approve of.

While the various types of Facebook Hookers are a vast bunch and are in the multitudes just as their are countless demons in the pits of hell!

As a matter of fact, your friendly neighborhood Facebook Hookers are the direct go to person for those same demonic entities that roam the face of the earth only to disrupt, kill and destroy.

It’s a shame that we in our carnal mind and lustful spirits cannot see how these Christian Facebook Hookers operate until it is too late.

Their words are so sweet and their looks are so appealing but they leave nothing in their trail except a history of pain, hurt, disruption and confusion.

The broken homes, the hurt spouses, the damaged childhoods are all proven handiwork’s of the Facebook Hooker whose eager to spend customers thought only of the immediate pleasure to be felt without weighing in the balance what was at risk as they readily believed the trail of fabricated lies that made this sweet brand of freakish evil appear fair seeming.

Facebook Logo

Like a cow who must move on to a greener patch of land to continue grazing, the deceptive advanced Christian Facebook Hooker cannot ever stay in one place too long because their “cover” will be exposed because of the inability to maintain stability in the long term sense of the word.

So while they will gain quickly an intimate access to the legion of lives that they have been privy to peering into because of the willingness of their “tricks” to share in their most intimate sexual activity intoxicants, that same access will leave them without ever having a life of their own so they move about the face of the earth with a deep yearning for true love without ever knowing that their very lifestyle prohibits them from ever receiving it because they have witnessed how easy it is for a human being to break their marriage vows in the pursuit of worldly physical pleasures.

So the sad trap on their lives will continue until their time on this earth runs out.

If you detect that you are in the cross-hairs of a Facebook Hooker PLEASE do not get caught up in the hype and believe the rhetoric! Pray for them as you should but banish them from your presence immediately if you sense that they are attempting to bring disruption into your life and seek the perfect counsel of God’s word to the last letter of its law because the one way to repel those Christian Facebook Hookers is to know that God Himself will not bring to you anyone who breaks His commandments yet claims that they walk righteously in His path!

Know the difference.

You very salvation and eternal destination on the spiritual plane depends on it.

God will provide for you on this earth enough to cover ALL of your needs if you will just wake up and look around you to see how you have truly been blessed!

Peace &Righteous Love Always,

Your Brick Dodging Brother,



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