Beware Of The Entrepreneurial Bums!

Whether you blame it on the economy or you believe it is the by product of the “me” generation, it sure does seem to be the general climate of the time that everyone is out for themselves by any means necessary!

While there is nothing wrong with trying to get ahead and get there in an aggressive manner, just don’t do it a the expense of someone else or lie to someone to use them for your benefit!

Times have sure changed! Is it me or does it seem that this generation of youngsters (Not all of them!) have embraced the art of bumming it and thinking that it’s something so cool to do? Wait! Before you start throwing stones at me for saying this, understand that I work with the public out in the streets every night and it has become a game of financial cat and mouse with these young guys when it comes time to pay their bus fare! What’s up with that?

When I was young and coming up as a teenager as well as in my early twenties (And for all my life to tell the truth!) I would never have the nerve to get up on a bus and beg the bus driver in front of all of those people for a ride home no matter HOW far it was! I would much rather follow my pride and pound the pavement to walk!

But it’s a different mindset now as these guys won’t even be in dire straights as far as their pockets are concerned, they just try to get over merely for getting over sake! Many of them do have money but will nickel and dime you down just for the “victory” of knowing that they could get away with it.

Maybe I am cut from a different cloth but I just can’t do that!

And it’s not about the bus fare only, I see young able bodied men in the street actually begging strangers for money and I KNOW these guys live in a nice home being taken care of by their parents. It’s like they have no shame and no motivation to move beyond the mentality of living in the moment with absolutely NO CONCERN for the future! As long as they can get a forty ounce bottle of beer, some money for weed and some junk food to eat they are alright with that!

What gives?

Now I am not speaking of guys with a drug habit or who are mentally out of it, I am speaking on these knuckleheads who actually get pissed off at the thought of a job because in their mind they weren’t made to be on somebodies job!

But the funny thing is that when a fine looking young lady walks down the street all of a sudden these dudes want to “holla” at a girl. What breaks my heart is that more often than not these outwardly “together” young females GO for the bums! Why is that?

Then all of a sudden you will see this chick letting this bum drive her car, lay up in her place, eat down all her food and always have some of HER MONEY in HIS pocket to fuel his habits in any manner that he craves which only means more bottles of beer, more weed and some leftover cash to take the NEXT unsuspecting young chick out to the hotel in his main woman’s car! Don’t tell me I’m lying, I see this happening every single day of my life!

While I used this example to open up your mind to what I see happening, it seems like everyone out here in the world is in “get-over” mode in every conceivable manner!

Everywhere you look, someone has their hand stretched out, as though money grows on trees!

And it’s those same people who will mumble under their breath that their are certain jobs that they would NEVER do but that same job that YOU do that they would NEVER do makes that same money that THEY want to borrow from you! Borrow? You know that you will NEVER see that money back! So kiss it goodbye!

Some of these women have to catch it too! Why is it that there are some women who are always broke but their hair is always done in the most expensive hairstyles of the day? Don’t tell me that they are doing it themselves because if they were they would still have to purchase the supplies to do it and take the time to get it done and for WHAT?

If they took the same time to look for some work (And there IS work out there, don’t believe otherwise!) the way they take the time for these Kool-aid looking hood-rat hairstyles, they would be better off and won’t have to come begging YOU all of the time with a sob story on how they don’t have money for their babies!

Hell! Then why did you have them if you knew that you couldn’t handle it?

I just don’t understand people sometimes!

And what about these ever dependent mama’s boys who are grown men but just can’t seem to be able to do anything unless their mother helps them? Don’t always praise the young guy who is always helping his mama with something because there are a whole lot of frauds out here who are doing it merely because they are getting more out of there mother than they are giving to her!

I knew a dude who did so many wonderful things for his mother, buying appliances, major household items and the whole nine only to find out that the brother was paying NO RENT while he sat on his ass for years! When I broke down the price of what he gave to her in the major purchase department as opposed to what a fair rent would be, it broke down to about one hundred dollars a month that he paid to her through the gifts he bestowed upon her! Great deal ain’t it?

People can be so damn slick!

It seems as though these days having “bum status” is the epitome of what the entrepreneurial spirit is all about. Let somebody else pick up the tab, I’m too good to be responsible for myself!

It also seems to be a spirit of entitlement sweeping across the land in these individuals who refuse to do for themselves, bums walk tall and proud these days, they ask you for money as though they are telling you. They work harder at finding a way to beat the system than they do trying to figure out how to righteously conquer the system legitimately. The question that I always ask myself is what will happen when these people get old? What will happen to them when there enabling family members die and cease to exist on this level?

What kind of work ethic will they have to fall back on?

If you notice, when an enabling mama dies (Or father!) the grown ass kids die shortly afterward because they don’t have the mentality to handle life on their own!

There is a young lady who rides my bus regularly who makes a point of getting to know each of her regular bus drivers to the point of trying to manipulate them through some very subtle flirting in order to get them to buy her some fast food! She is a damn food hooker!

For real!

She is actually involved with a few of my coworkers and she leaves her home in the evening to deal with them which ever way they can so that she can pick their pockets of what little cash on hand they have so she can grab a quick meal on the go at their expense! Dang! Some of us have some JACKED UP priorities!

And this is a girl who is only nineteen years old!

Little does she know it but many of those same bus drivers that she is involved with all know her game and compare notes of how she performs her sexual acts while laughing amongst themselves and showing each other the same pictures of herself on their cellphones! The jokes on her and she doesn’t even have a clue! Now if only she  tried to live a stable life her reputation wouldn’t be as tainted or as “out there” as it is. Some of us will never learn! She doesn’t speak to me anymore because I guess she realizes that I never parted with any money and I make sure to this because I never BRING any money with me to work. I brown bag it!

How about the guy who rides my bus and claims to be a fellow artist, he always tells me how he has an upcoming exhibit downtown and needs just a little extra money to complete the final touches on the presentation yet hangs around crackheads and actually lives in a crack house and has no visible income, hardly has bus fare and is always on a different beat up bike. Isn’t it obvious that what he claims is nothing but lies?

Such is the brazen nerve of an entrepreneurial bum!

I have people whom I’ve known at old jobs who never really had anything to do with me back then and actually may have had some bad things to say all of a sudden want to utilize my online audience for their selfish business benefits without even considering maybe reaching out with some manners or indulging in a little conversation first. No! He would just dump his advertisements for services that I don’t think anyone is interested in too much as though they will flock to him because he was once an affiliate of mine. Remember, I said “affiliate”, that word basically means I don’t really know you but for a time we may have been around each other. That’s all.

The get over spirit in people will have them rewriting the past in having you as as their best buddy because now you have some great value to them but they would never pay you any mind if you’ve never have achieved the status or accomplishments that you have.

That’s terrible.

It seems like everybody these days has a hustle at your expense.

This is why I choose to move alone and keep myself around those who are motivated and have a grind of their own that they would be doing with a sense of urgency if I wasn’t around.

But at the end of the day I have learned to execute the same moves on them as they do on me. If you have the get over mentality and I can sense that you are coming to me to drain me of my resources then I will beat you to the punch and ask you for money first and cry about how hard things are and how broke I am!

Works like a charm. You ought to try it sometimes…….

Anything to maintain my peace of mind around these folks who see me as a resource or a cash cow.

These entrepreneurial bums piss me off every time!

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September 24, 2014 4:53 AM

Wow and ouch at the title. Did anyone ever chime in on this very heated argument? I guess will then. First off, I am what you call the the XY generation, label as those who were raised with a sense of entitlement, its true. Had it not been for the baby-boomers and the previous generation who spoiled us into developing this rotten world view, shame on us? But to say a bum, I disagree.

Granted, we have over stimulation of video games, (back then) pagers, cellphones, the latest sneaker, and cars that made us that way. Growing up, I was not allowed to have a car unless I had straight A’s… I was very smart in high school, I was just very lazy so that wasn’t happening. It was like pulling teeth to for me to graduate from high school, but that was because my mom cracked that whip.

With that said, there are some who may have lacked that ambition, because they were either spoiled, or their parents failed to encourage them in that area. Yes, there are more distractions with the use of television, internet, and of course social media. These aforementioned elements that could potentially inhibit ones desire to become more.

This article was dated 3 years ago, and today, not sure if bumming it applies in my mind. For example, I am a single parent, college educated of which most of my education was done while raising my son, while balancing a full time job. When I am at work, I guess you can say I would be like Kerry Washington’s character on Scandal.

Worked my ass off for 13 years and started from the bottom and was that “yes” person. Mid-level professionals such as myself, fall under the category of being mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore” because they either lacked fulfillment, hit that glass ceiling, or its just time for a change. What if God has given one a vision, dream, desire, why not pursue it? It may not be done so within the confines of a traditional 9-5 setting which may mean restructuring ones schedule.

Yes, there are those who do abuse the system, but I would like to think that in this economy more people becoming to inspired to start their own businesses because they can’t land a job. There are a lot of taste makers, game changers who are hungry, they just need some one to give them a chance or at least take the time to read their business plan. It is a matter of desire, and without hard work it will not come easy.

I am all about building, encouraging and inspiring, not just fussing about what the younger generation is doing wrong, but would rather present them with an opportunity, by gauging their skill sets and their passions. Mentors need to rise and encourage that they do have the power, and that voice.

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