There is a time in everyone’s life when they felt as though everything around them was transparent. When we are born we are born with a clean slate of consciousness and this time goes on we begin to absorb what is offered to us in our environment. Most of us will judge and assess the world by the state of our own mind. If we are those who enjoy stealing from others, we will begin to
believe that everyone else around us is attempting to steal from us. If we have a positive outlook on life no matter what the challenges are in front of us, we tend to think that all others in our midst will possess the same positive attitude and often times end up an enemy of those who don’t because we don’t see them that way.

Our positivity is an asset to their existence because they do not see things in a positive way and are negative based. That being said when we meet someone well into our adulthood they may smile with you they may speak like you and they may appear to have and possess the same spirit as you but as I’m quite sure you have well learned already that this is not always the case.

I recently came across a set of words which are known as memes on the social media platform named Instagram. It was quite profound and I will share them with you right now.

This is how it reads: “jealousy can hide in compliments, envy can hide in support, and hate can hide in love. So just because they are giving it to you, doesn’t mean they have it for you. Trust their energy, not their words.”

So therefore we do not know what is around us behind the façade of a smile or behind the sound of a good word this is why I have named this particular video/podcast beware of the hidden agendas. We also have to be careful in how we state our plans and future intentions because many who are not in our corner will go out of their way to smash those plans and make sure that we don’t bring them into total fruition.

Many times when we feel down or drained it is because of the energy leeches around us who have subtly played mind games with us to discourage us from taking our plans to the next level.
This in essence is the ultimate form of spiritual warfare because we think in many occasions that we will see the negative person coming at us without restraint and without cover, but the fact of the matter is this life is like a chest board and we have to be shrewd to those people who come at us smiling with seemingly goodwill toward us but are there to destroy our life.

While I am not attempting to work you up into a state of complete and total paranoia, please understand that these words that I share are from experience into help you come to a greater awareness of the dangers around you that seem to be very harmless and very friendly. You have to understand that you are the only person in your entire life that will spend every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year, and every decade with you. You more than anyone else on the planet are to be the one to take care of yourself, to love yourself, to make sure that you have everything you need to succeed in this life and therefore should not open yourself up totally to a stranger who seems to be the perfect person for you therefore you quickly incorporate them into your inner circle.

There must be levels to this thing. There must be a vetting process to guarantee that what they say they are they truly are. If one has not been working on their dream and vision for many years yet dates speak in a positive manner to appeal to you in my opinion they are fraudulent. Even if they did not have the money to go after the purchase of items that are needed to bring their vision into reality, they should have already been studying and researching for the time when that does happen. So if you cannot prove to me that you have been positive in your own life by your own righteous trajectory then how can I take you in my life where I know that I am serious about the things that I intend to do to improve my existence.

So again I say beware of the hidden agendas and make sure that the energies around you are not there to snare you in arrest your positivity in upwardly movement toward an extremely better life.
If you can only get one thing from this video that I have succeeded and I thank you for you spending your precious time here and feel free to share your perspectives without restraint in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more and always feel free to return as I appreciate your presence here on LanceScurv.

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