Beware Of The Non Productive Resolutions Of Redundancy For 2013 As The Mediocrity Continues!

Every year around this time we begin to start singing that song about what resolutions we’re going to dedicate ourselves to bring us into a new reality.

It might be that popular pledge of wanting to lose weight just as it may be finally embracing that long held desire to live a more Godly life.

All of these positive projections are great but how many of us say the same things year after year yet find our lives in the same place and most often in a position that’s even worse off than it has EVER been in?


This is why when it comes down to proclaiming a New Years resolution, I always pass when it is my turn to blast my intentions out to the universe because I am more about doing than merely running my mouth. I am not saying this in a condescending manner or a mindset of superiority over anyone else who has made a pledge for the new year but I am just sick and tired of the repetitive verbal ritual of foolishness that we do at those sentimental holiday gatherings where we swear we are going to “make that change!”

OMG! And that reminds me, if you ever want to get a great laugh while at New Year’s countdown party, PLEASE play Michael Jackson’s hit entitled “Man In The Mirror and watch those who are severely intoxicated. You will see some of the most ridiculous feelings exhibited publicly of extreme sentimentality accompanied by the very public tears (On cue every year for maximum effectiveness) where they will SWEAR up and down how they will change themselves while they proclaim to love the world around them. Now this isn’t something bad but the most colorful displays and performances are usually from the people who are so far deep into the hole of their addictions that you couldn’t pull them out with several tow trucks if you tried.

But what causes us to be so hypocritical to not only the others around us but to ourselves in such a grand production of denial?

Why is it that year after year some people’s lives seem to become some gnarled twisted character of what they were the year before and never seem to be capable of being aware of it?

It is a sad mentality to be caught up in and it is one that quite frankly scares the mess out of me. A life that is stuck like an old broken record that plays that scratchy two seconds of a song over and over yet never moves forward has got to be the most captive feeling in the world and one that I make a point of avoiding at all costs by my constant movement toward a new reality and my various foray’s into places that continually pull me out of my comfort zone.

The resolution of redundancy is more common than one could think and to me is a bold faced lie that we share knowing good and damn well that we have cashed our chips in and have secretly pledged not even to play the game of life anymore.

But I do believe that there are many people out here who have been guilty of such stagnation and truly want to break the cycle that has probably been passed down to them as some type of generational curse by family members who pretty much limited the thinking of their offspring and therefore killing off any sense of individuality that will free them to explore places that are outside of the barriers set by their Elders in their subconscious minds.

For those who want to experience that change I will share a few of my own thoughts on this and maybe it can free you up from being that drunk at the New Year’s countdown party who will cry publicly and swear up and down that he is going to stop drinking and killing him/herself in order to live a full and productive life.

First of all, I know that you don’t put on your perfume or cologne without bathing or showering yourself so why would you go into an entirely new year with the same entities who are content to languish in that same toxic place year after year without challenging themselves?

Do you go to the restroom to take a dump and pull up your pants or pull up your panties without wiping your ass? No person in their right mind would think about doing this but we oftentimes refuse to let go of the shit in our lives whether it is in the form of a person, a place or a thing which for the most part is some habit that we find to hard to break.

You are going to have to let some things go if you are to put yourself in a place to receive the new life that you crave and all of the positive things that come with it.

It reminds me of those who like to “act” like the real thing but refuse to put in the work that will MAKE them the real thing. For example, when I first came onto the online scene many years ago, there were so many people who claimed to be artists, writers and many different manifestations of the creative types. Well, to hear them toot their horn they were this great producer of content in their fields and were always “on the grind” to make another project happen.

Now me being new and full of enthusiasm, I began to see how their rate of production was far off the mark from the image that they put out! These were writers who didn’t write and artists who didn’t illustrate but they wanted the accolades that came with it when at the dinner party, so in essence they were mere frauds in the online blogging game and this is why so many of those same people refuse to stay connected to me because my personal work ethic and conviction to my craft shows them up for what they really are to themselves.


So what does this tell you as you go into a new year?

New Years Countdown

Get rid of the frauds in your life because they are the speed bumps that will slow you down on the road to success and your personal mission to become the best YOU that you can possibly be!

You can’t run a great race with two hundred pounds of dead weight on your back and if those who are in your midst don’t have a dream of their OWN that they are recklessly pursuing, then they will slow you down with their indecision’s and toiling around in life when each and every day should bring you to a new level in your quest for ascension!

You see, you don’t have to worry about the upcoming year if you focus and have been focusing on improving yourself each and every day. And to be quite honest with you, if you have to sit up somewhere around friends, acquaintances and strangers and proclaim what you want to do for a new year then you have pretty much failed in realizing that goal anytime soon!

You should already be well into the year of what you are visualizing for yourself and already a LIVING RESOLUTION of what is already brewing intensely in your soul and in every fiber of your being. Your quest should be effortless at this point because of your well laid plans and alternative routes thought out in meticulous fashion that should bring you to that rewarding place earned through hard work much earlier than planned.

New Years Day and its so called resolutions should be an amusing time of reflection as you should already be living it!

True desire never waits for a time to start moving toward what it wants to achieve and embrace. If you want something bad enough then you are righteously scheming on how to get it NOW! Now while it still may take some time you have to realize that your desire will cosmically pull in other factors into your life that will make this dream come true faster than you think. But you won’t get to that point if you don’t throwout the garbage out of your life and get your life straight!

YES! get your shit straight because we are most often our own worse enemy when it comes time to blocking our own progress by the lies that we tell ourselves.

How are you going to produce greatness when you are not even on point in your personal life?

You (And I am not saying YOU personally, only you can decide if this applies to you!) can’t proceed with improving your life if you have no damn revenue coming in! You can dream all you want but you have to be able to pay your bills and take care of the basic necessities that we all must have so how can you go after your dreams when survival is slapping you in the face each and every day?

How can you reach your goals and maintain those non productive addictions that you have? You can go through all of the motions of stating that you are a positive thinker and how you possess the determination to succeed but if you truly want this thing so bad you wouldn’t have the time to be smoking, drinking and weeding it up?

Every facet and movement in your life should support the other areas in your life so that your time and energy are self sufficient and nothing is wasted. The system and framework of your life should be one of discipline beyond those of the others who proclaim the same goals. Your level of production will speak for itself not because you are so great but because you got your entire life together with absolutely no energy leaks that will cause you to sputter off into an failed life of mediocrity! - The Online Web Magazine

Your Creator didn’t bring you to this world to fail so therefore when you do fail it is because you have embraced the habits OF a failure!

resolutions mean absolutely nothing without any action behind it no matter how much you proclaim it publicly. I myself will show you my resolutions day in and day out until it is quite evident that I walk with a constant burning in my soul to be the best person that I can be and to use my time on this earth for something more than satisfying my lower carnal desires to eat, sleep, piss, crap and have good orgasms.

There is more to life than that and mediocrity is not on my list of goals for the year 2013.

Let’s see if it is on yours…….

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Supremely Motivated Brother,



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