Many of us who have left America to live a better life abroad and especially in the motherland Africa, have realized that the religion that we were born into – which for the most part has been Christianity – has kept us in mental shackles and subservient to a system that will forever keep us controlled and oppressed.

But in our quest to shake off the toxic residues that have been embedded in our system from America we have quickly embraced as we should this thing called African spirituality.

While the term African spirituality is quite vague there is a faction of practices that I have seen masquerade under the banner of African spirituality but is not that all.

No matter what you call it, it is something that is not good as it results in practices that amplify a very evil result.

But since we are so anxious to get away from this thing called Christianity as it has been practiced in America we do not see the red flags and the warning signs of something that we have embraced wholeheartedly not knowing that it is a fraud that has no intentions on elevating us at all.

To do this is very deceptive and very profitable for those who do not represent African spirituality but are there to scam us in our quest to embrace what was lost.

When something you embrace begins to show you that they can only result in fear, doubt, confusion, double mindedness and never to possess the peace of mine that has been elusive to you in America.

Many have come to the motherland only to realize after embracing the fraudulent knockoff version of African spirituality that their lives have been degraded exponentially into something that they did not anticipate.

It is comparable to a vegan who is not truly into the fruits and vegetables but rather their philosophy is that they can eat anything they wish as long as it’s not meat.

Many who have come to the motherland are so glad to get away from white America that they believe that all things African are true with their advertised intentions and ultimately wasted time and something that is nothing more than a scam.

It is up to you to know that human nature both negative and positive exist everywhere regardless to the color of one’s skin.

And while I advocate every stolen African from the Diaspora to return to their homeland and embrace the concept of African spirituality I also urge you to look out for the frauds that are basically the majority of what will come to you as the answer to the many issues that we have in this life as melanated people.

It is not my intention to tell you which way to go, as it is not my decision to suggest what is best for you to live the life that you want.

All that I ask is that you keep your eyes open and move forward very carefully as to the covert energies that lurk around us for their own profit and not caring for your ascension on a spiritual level.

Because if you constantly live in confusion as well as all of the negative categories that one can think of it is obvious that what you’re doing is actually the wrong thing no matter what the covering or what we call it.

This is why I have chosen to move forward with my life on all levels independently because I have no time to embrace the foolishness that brings a life of confusion.

And since doing so I now enjoy a piece of mine and tranquility that I have never ever known in my life before.

I would love to absorb your perspectives on this topic and I urge you to share those viewpoints in the comments section below. Thank you for spending your precious time here with us and I hope you have been enlighten by this video presentation.


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