Beware Of The Predatory Prowling Pastor Paula White: The First Fruit Fleecer! – The LanceScurv Show

Best selling author Elisha Coles penned First Fruit Fleecer with the sole objective of bringing to the fore his second case against Prosperity wolfette Paula Michelle White.

By extensively analyzing Ms. White’s various teachings Dr. Coles proves that she is a mammon-crazed con artist who fleeces the Body of Christ from January to December by employing a vast array of Old Testament feast day offering scams such as the First Fruits, Passover, Pentecost and Day Of Atonement offerings.

Dr. Coles commences by chronicling how each January Paula White begins her yearlong fleecing campaign by operating her first con, her patented First Fruits offering scam; a lucrative hustle she created and has been operating since 2006.

This bombshell of a sequel will greatly aid believers in differentiating between authorized shearing and abusive fleecing, between a loving shepherd and a fleecing she-wolf and between a legitimate Christ honoring ministry which deserves our full backing and a diva-supporting fleece-a-try like Paula White Ministries which deserves not a dime in financial support.

The wealth of information provided in this revelatory tome will safeguard the reader from Paula White who is a tireless and merciless financial predator who is on the prowl year round in search of gullible Christians she can easily strip of their finances. First Fruits Fleecer – the second blockbuster volume in the must read landmark trilogy that exposes she-wolf Paula Michelle White and her patented First Fruits offering scam.

Pastor Paula White

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January 27, 2016 12:46 PM

first off.. idk how i got here, but you don’t know Paula, and for you to say these things tell me you don’t know her, like i do. does a high and mighty person come into the ghetto of Orlando to invite people to church and to hear the gospel? well if she was the person you betray then others would have not received Christ into their heart. Ill say something about you tho. You have an evil spirit in you called the spirit of religion. because some one doesn’t do things like you you automatically think they are evil, that is evil thinking. i bet you dont like Benny Hinn either? well all of these people are doing something you will never do, and obvious they are what you call famous in the christian realm because they are lifting the name of Jesus. your debates are stupid and pointless.. and if i wasnt looking to make a flyer for my pastor about first fruits today, i would have never found this.. you are very Critical and that is not a Quality of God. you better start reading your bible and reading Mathew, mark, Luke, and john, because what you are doing is not Christ like, its pharisee like.

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