Dr. Ramona Brockett is a criminologist, lawyer, public speaker and writer who pulls no punches breaking down the obvious when it comes to the inner workings of the political scene in the dirty deeds that are pulled that the public never sees.

She puts herself at great risk in order to uphold the truth until like it is.

There are many people who may share her status in academe as well as her other accomplishments but no one else can stand toe to toe with her brutal honesty and undisputed truth.

It is an honor that she share her perspectives and expertise here on the show and I truly appreciate her for all of her hard work completed in the prior decades of her life that we now in the present benefit from.

So sit back and enjoy the truth as it is spoken and served in an uncompromising manner which to me is very refreshing in the world that attempts to be politically correct on all fronts.

Feel free to leave your perspectives on this topic in the comments section below and thank you for spending your precious time here with us and you’re always welcome to come back anytime.


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