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Icon Bill Cosby applauded and appreciated Eddie Murphy for his taking a stand in NOT doing a skit to parody Mr. Cosby that the Saturday Night Live producers wanted him to do during their 40 year anniversary special this past Saturday night.

The skit would have had Eddie Murphy wearing a style of sweater that Bill Cosby has been known to love wearing in his stand up routines while also holding a cocktail in his hand.

We all know that Eddie Murphy does the best Bill Cosby impressions and it would have surely brought the house down if he went into it especially with the current scandal going on where many accusers have come forward to state that Bill Cosby drugged and raped them to some vague degree.

Thus far there have been absolutely no charges levied against the aging icon and the entire media blitz on Mr. Cosby as of now has appeared to have died down.

While I’ve had my issues with Eddie Murphy in the past in his denial of having a child with Mel B. of the Spice Girls several years ago, I have to say that his recent refusal to kick another Black man while down to the delight of the so called mainstream audience was a total class act and a sign that we all can evolve from our immature mistakes of the past.

Poor Bill Cosby, at this point you’ve got to wonder just WHAT NEXT will the entertainment industry do to smear his legacy and reduce it to a joke.

Please leave your thoughts, opinions and perspectives in the comment area below!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

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Cosby - Murphy Graphic

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  • matthewakian2 says:

    The real pity is that Cosby is not behind bars right now; men are in jail
    for doing less. What a sanctimonious scumbag.

  • Calvin Moe says:

    Eddie Murphy is truly a good person
    and a very bright celebrity by his choice on not tearing down another
    black celebrity proves that the karzars
    jews underestimate Eddie Murphy and
    there’s no dout in my mind that those
    karzars aren’t angry they are furious
    and since their known for always getting what they want and this time
    they were turn down you better believe
    Eddie Murphy is on their hit list but Eddie if you see this comment please
    understand what your about to go
    through no matter what they do to you
    don’t give in to them don’t let them
    break you yes their god satan will take
    everything from you your money house
    cars bogus taxes charged don’t submit
    the most High ahayah see everything
    and this is a test between two powers
    satan want to prove that you would
    worship him instead of the one who created him this is a very difficult test
    and if you want to pass it to be able to
    get true blessings you must reject this world for an ever lasting one cause
    soon this kingdom America satan
    kingdoms will soon be dust and you’ll
    be happy you gave back all the things
    satan and his people the karzars romans gave you for your soul and now that
    you refuse to destroy your
    fellow brothern you have broken the
    agreement of the wicked government
    kingdom by choosing the right thing to
    do now the question is will you over
    come satan and his people the karzars
    romans wrath don’t worry be faithful
    believe that the most High ahayah is
    with you and now comes the part where you must choose to go all the
    way remember what Christ went through and in order to follow him
    you must go through some suffering
    but after that its home free home
    sweet home so stay strong pray
    because our heavenly father ahayah
    ears are always open peace

  • jeffkoons001 says:

    he is one of the most odious, vile serial rapists of al time. sickening on every level

  • Ticherie Ma says:

    who are you to have issue with Eddie murphy love life? Thats none of your business. Lke the only reason why i pay attenton to celebrties s becasue its entertaning. But i dont care about them. And they dont care about me. And even people who have youtube channel itsabout the money or just somethn that the ywant to do. Nobody in any fomr of media really cares about the public they areabout their motves. So fuck you Lance Scurby and fuck al lthe celebrities.

  • tripjet999 says:

    Just keep use of the ILLEGAL TOBACCO DRUG off the show, Lorne!

  • Xaiver Blackhorse says:

    EDDIE MURPHY WINS!!!! – Early In Eddie Murphy’s career he was CRITICIZED by Bill Cosby for the amount of profanity in his act. BUT, Here years LaterEddie Murphy Proved he could be the “Bigger Man” and a True Black Man MORE interested in “Justice & Fairness” than just making a buck off of trotting out some more BULLSHYT to say about Bill Cosby and – Eddie Murphy showed some fucc’n REAL Black Character – Big Upz to Mr. Murphy. – We should all salute that Brotha!

  • ginoforever2011 says:

    Lance love your voice but please remove Professor Griff photo he and his new found partner Ginger Daniels aka Zaza Ali attacked a black artist of Hidden Colors 4 for his marketing strategy causing a ridiculous outcry with black people. It should have been handled privately and not in public. New respect for Eddie…

  • The Exile says:

    What a lot of black folk don`t know about Old Bill is, he`s a ” Boule “, and if you don`t know what a ” Boule ” is, then you need to see, Brother Steve Cokely`s , YouTube, on the ” Boule “. And why should a man give a woman money for aChild, when she has all the power, to not have one, if she can`t take care of it. I`ll tell you why, because, i think there are people in the world who want to control you, and they want woman to be weak and needy, where the man turn`s out being her slave and then the both of you can`t see, what they are doing to you. I think when the Child is with the Mother then sheshould have her own money and the same go`s for the Man,i know people are going to say, but he helped make it,but, but,she should have said not without a O. A Child is not a Toy!!

  • Mspretty Farrish says:

    On snl, Eddie came out with Chris Rock and said YES let’s give it up for Eddie

  • Mary Disnetinc says: Bill Cosby Rape Facts: Based on historic serial rapist data statistics Bill Cosby is an international serial rapist. 98% of victims tell the truth; 5% of rape crimes are reported. 2% of victims lie; 95% of rape crimes are never reported because victims fear rapist reprisal. These statistics and supporting links are provided in detail below. As of March 1, 2015, 35 women have accused Cosby of rape. These 35 women represent only 5% of the victims Cosby raped. Cosby, a sociopath, lacks conscience, empathy, remorse, guilt or shame. If you doubt these statistics please do your own research. This is IMPORTANT! #billcosbyrapist WHY! VICTIMS MATTER! These victims represent all of us, our families, our children, daughters, wives, mothers and sisters. When our courts and countries fail to protect our families we must take action. Cosby Rapist Law – Decree: Help set a new precedence, perhaps the “Cosby Rapist Law” decree enabling the capture, prosecution and imprisonment of so many serial rapists who have avoided capture. #cosbyrapistlawAgree! Please take this link viral today. WHY! VICTIMS MATTER! Help stop rapist Cosby’s ongoing reprisal threats against the women who have accused him of rape.

  • leae68 says:

    I have always by believed that Bill was setup by the big wigs in Hollywood. That was too many women to come forward to not have more than one to fight him in court and back in the day do you really think he had that much power with all them rich and powerful white bosses. (REALLY)”

  • Jermaine Parker says:

    How do you lose respect for someone and you don’t even know how the situation turned out? He has alot of kids and raised them all, to my knowledge. Just seems like a odd statement to make… especially since your’re absolving yourself of credibility WHILE you are making said statement.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    I seriously doubt that the youngest generation of Black legends would back one of their contemporaries up the way Cosby Show alum and Eddie Murphy have backed Bill Cosby up. I think we all could learn a lesson from this whole ordeal and that is… how to really, really support one another.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    I remember when Bill Cosby on national TV would say: “I don’t CAAARRRRRE… what white people think.” The idea that a brother like that could ever be called a coon by some of these other people on YouTube.

  • Vonte Paige says:

    HEY HEY WAIT A MINUTE NOW. I was with you until you mentioned Steve Harvey’s name. That’s straight up disrespectful for you to drag Steve Harvey’s name out there saying he’s a Coon(which is very disrespectful for a black person to call another black person a Coon, then get all offended white people call us that) and doubt Steve Harvey’s integrity like that. Steve Harvey and Eddie Murphy actually have some things in common when it comes to the type of men they are. They both have the upmost respect for Bill Cosby and others. Steve Harvey would never stoop to that level. Come on man. Show some respect and do a little more research on Steve Harvey before you drag his name around like that.

  • Jack1uptone says:

    I got a couple issues with Steve Harvey far as things he has said but I’ve been listening to the Steve Harvey radio show for many years so I got a pretty good understanding of how Steve Harvey think.I do acknowledge that Steve Harvey coon a little because I believe he think of it like a chess game, his way of being strategic, but I think he is very misunderstood.He always speaking out about injustices that black people go through and how black people aren’t treated fair in America, almost every morning, if not every morning.It’s strange to see people looking at him like a straight up coon after hearing how he has been on V 103 for years speaking passionately against racist white people, saying things that could possibly get him fired and he still does.I think Steve Harvey has a lot on his table and for him to have all the things he got going on, it shows how hard it is for a black man being very successful in America actually is.Much respect to Eddie Murphy.

  • Alana H says:

    I agree! SNL has a hell-of-a nerve! When Bill made that joke about woman drinking around him everybody got their panties in bunch! It’s okay for SNL to joke about it though, I have a few choice letters for SNL beginning with F! I’m so proud of Eddie!

  • greglee725 says:

    disagree with you about him and mel b . she married her now husband just days after giving birth. you would not be happy about paying 50,000 grand a month child support for a set up baby either!

  • michig911 says:

    Or, they could have called aries spears. That coon has been kicking Bill Cosby as soon as he saw an opportunity.

  • ruapraia says:

    Bill Cosby Applauds Eddie Murphy For Not Doing Disgraceful SNL Skit! – The LanceScurv Show

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