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Icon Bill Cosby applauded and appreciated Eddie Murphy for his taking a stand in NOT doing a skit to parody Mr. Cosby that the Saturday Night Live producers wanted him to do during their 40 year anniversary special this past Saturday night.

The skit would have had Eddie Murphy wearing a style of sweater that Bill Cosby has been known to love wearing in his stand up routines while also holding a cocktail in his hand.

We all know that Eddie Murphy does the best Bill Cosby impressions and it would have surely brought the house down if he went into it especially with the current scandal going on where many accusers have come forward to state that Bill Cosby drugged and raped them to some vague degree.

Thus far there have been absolutely no charges levied against the aging icon and the entire media blitz on Mr. Cosby as of now has appeared to have died down.

While I’ve had my issues with Eddie Murphy in the past in his denial of having a child with Mel B. of the Spice Girls several years ago, I have to say that his recent refusal to kick another Black man while down to the delight of the so called mainstream audience was a total class act and a sign that we all can evolve from our immature mistakes of the past.

Poor Bill Cosby, at this point you’ve got to wonder just WHAT NEXT will the entertainment industry do to smear his legacy and reduce it to a joke.

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