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In late June, Bill Cosby’s legal defense fought tooth and nail on the technicality that he is not a public figure in order to stop the 2005 court records from being unsealed and scrutinized by the public because of the “firestorm of publicity and the “real, specific threat of serious embarrassment!”

Per the Associated Press:

Bill Cosby testified in 2005 that he got Quaaludes with the intent of giving them to young women he wanted to have sex with, and he admitted giving the sedative to at least one woman and “other people,” according to documents obtained Monday by The Associated Press.

The A.P. had gone to court to compel the release of the documents; Cosby’s lawyers had objected on the grounds that it would embarrass their client.

The 77-year-old comedian was testifying under oath in a lawsuit filed by a former Temple University employee. He testified he gave her three half-pills of Benadryl.

Right now I could care any less if Bill Cosby is embarrassed, because since he admitted in those sealed court records that in fact he did drug former basketball player Andrea Constand and settled the lawsuit some nine years ago, it sure appears that this was something that he had been doing all along!

I publicly apologized for even defending this slimeball who ended up doing some really creepy things simply to get some sex.

You do NOT take from a woman that which she does not desire to give!

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  • Kimberly Callahan says:

    I think Bill Cosby is a rapist AND there was someone after him to set him
    up for whatever the reason. I think this was known for a long time by
    people for many years and who ever has control of the media and can set
    this sort of thing in motion knew it for years. This information was
    brought out when someone needed it to come out. It is like playing cards.
    You play the trump when you need to play it.

  • kontruth says:


  • nameless1261 says:

    Memorandum was plantiff’s attorney, what was defense response? You can
    write anything in memorandums or briefs, attorneys LIE, especially today,
    blatantly organizedmobbing(com). There is proper way for these things to be
    handled & not being handled right

  • nameless1261 says:

    Not about defending an organ but right not to be targeted & smeared
    especially by a bunch of criminals. What deposition? What has been shown is
    a memorandum in support of a motion & all know that!

  • Rustedblade says:

    Well the thing is I’m not exactly sure it is a confession. All he said was
    he got hold of the drug in exchange for sex, the deposition has the woman
    admitting freely she took the drug knowingly form Cosby and that Cosby
    himself even took one. I used to get serapax which became a popular date
    rape drug and people was always bugging me for those, 1 pill just puts you
    into a relaxed state where you don’t get stressed about nothing and this
    idea that it hit them immediately? C’mon people, grab a fucking brain

  • ginoforever2011 says:

    I truly believe the Illuminati is paying Bill Cosby back for trying to
    invest his money in the black community and those women were paid off to
    destroy him. They killed his son for trying to buy NBC.

  • Jarrod Lacy says:

    It’s awesome to see that there are people in the world who can make an easy
    use of two of the most supposedly difficult words in the English language:
    I’m sorry. Thank you, Lance, for displaying that being a class act will
    never go out of style.

  • LanceScurv says:

    Here’s the latest on Bill Cosby from Dr. Ramona Brockett and yours truly!
    This was a brilliant exchange! Enjoy! —–>

  • Larry Lee says:

    How can what Cosby confessed to in 2005 be the confession to what the
    allegations are in 2015. That doesn’t make sense! They act like he said
    this yesterday. Why would he do that knowing that a criminal investigation
    would ensue. It still sounds fishy. Some of the media say it was 2004. The
    last thing is: Did these women know what was happening? C’mon Lance, he is
    still not convicted of a sex crime yet. The motivation here is clearly
    money. These women are going to try and get a civil law suit
    no-matter-what, SO STOP TRYING TO JUDGE LANCE! So wheres the Burger King
    meal for Bill. I hope they pursue the killer of 9 members in a church as
    much as they have Cosby. Huh! What! You almost forgot about it didn’t ya.
    Seems like that story just died out!

  • Pricopea says:

    Damn Bill

  • Joy Green says:

    Take A Look

  • GospelGurl says:

    I’m Sorry but I’M LMBO!! @ Lance being shocked I’ve
    listen at this several times. Yes Lance Camille Cosby
    knew its well known she turns her head at his crap.And
    push her she will coming out swinging for him..Just like
    she did when she wrote that hot letter..against the victims.

    Trust me she knew….I can tell Lance you are really shocked!!.
    I have a cousin who is a well know R&B Singer he use to talk
    about back in the day what a dog Bill Cosby was and still is.

    Pill Bill with the Creepy-Eye..LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GospelGurl says:

    We tried to tell you Lance. Dont shock me at all. I was one
    of the ones who said he did it. I Highly Respect you for admitting
    you was wrong about this scumb bag.(I’m a victim of rape) So
    its hard to fool me..(He is Sneaky & Slimmy & I saw right though
    him). I Hope Pill Bill Goes to ((JAIL))!!!

  • ray nathans says:

    im not shocked his testimony validates what the woman said he did to them.
    Richard Pryor said in his book cosby acts like him on stage and he was
    obsessed with white woman.

  • Bum Head says:

    Camille should leave his ass.

  • Miss Gang Smashers says:

    I am commenting to share knowledge (rather you believe it or not).

    First of all Bill Cosby was paid to be America’s #1 DAD, that was his job
    as an entertainer, not his reality. Hollywood is Satanic: Bill Cosby, Hugh
    Hufner, Sammy Davis Jr., etc. all participated in these sex rituals where
    they would drug ladies and have their way with them at The PlayBoy Mansion,
    etc. These women were mostly White and Blonde and under severe mind
    control, they were sex slaves (i.e. Marilyn Monore, Jayne Mansfield).

    This was apart of their lifestyles and very routine. Never commented on
    the Cosby situation because too many people were defending him. Cosby
    either stepped on someone’s toes, refuses to continue to do their Satanic
    Rituals (yes they do major Witchcraft in Hollywood) OR he was set-up to be
    the Fall Guy for someone who has more rank than him.

    Camille Cosby is nothing but a Stepford Wife (MK Ultra) and he triggers her
    to do what ever he wants. You see people who are The Elites (which are
    White Folks) and people who are apart of The Boule (which are Black Folks
    that protect The Elites) do a lot of shit undercover until someone in the
    group exposes a person. These men also hate women which would explain the
    “sex slaves” and “the stepford wives”.

    Hollywood is a very dark and evil place. This Secret Society has been
    FOOLING the public for a very long time.

    Be on the look out…These White Elites are going to continue to expose
    dirt on these Black Idiots who work for them…Why…Because they have no
    more use for them, The Gay Manifesto is being put in place for The New
    World Order.

  • Gatta Harmon says:

    The media are going to have a field day with this!

  • Our Mackey And Dottie Show says:

    We are talking about the 70’s when almost everyone dabbled with these sort
    of drugs, including cocaine, heroin, speed and especially qualudes. This
    isolated incident doesn’t necessarily mean that he used it on all of these
    women. Perhaps the powers that be may have come across a means of
    destroying Bill’s career by exploiting this isolated incident. We may never
    know what really happened and one can’t help but wonder “why Bill”? said it
    yourself. What ever the case, for this to come out so many years later is
    suspect. And why were these records sealed in the first place?

  • TEXASNYC says:


  • Jack Gully says:

    You’re done Bill. I’ve made an error.

  • 1984bandito says:


  • Diamond storm says:

    One of Bill Cosby’s accusers stated that she met him at the Play Boy
    mansion and was later violated. Hugh Hefner’s ex girlfriend, Holly
    Madison, just confessed in her tell-all book that Hugh offered her
    Quaaludes when they met. According to Holly, Hugh called Quaaludes thigh
    openers, how creepy is that? Why are celebrity men drugging women? Is it a
    self-esteem issue or are they just sick in the head? Oh and we can’t forget
    about that football player (Darren Sharper) that was sentenced for drugging
    women as well…smh

  • Procommenter says:

    *Beverly Johnson is a lady.*

  • manofonyx2 says:

    Bill needs to give his money away to black causes quick…before they take

  • >