BILL COSBY: Feeling The Wrath Of White Supremacy’s Selective Punishment! – The LanceScurv Show

Bill Cosby is in a situation that lends testimony to the fact that even a supposedly successful Black man in Amerikkka will understand that regardless of his apparent good fortune he will always be viewed as something inferior and will never be treated in the same manner as his Caucasian peers.

This is why he is locked up and a Harvey Weinstein moves about the earth freely and without worry. The Catholic Priests who molest children – of which are many – are shuttled to and fro after leaving a trail of hurt, pain and confusion as though their demonic acts were worthy of nothing more than a slap on the wrist at most.

My claiming that Bill Cosby was unfairly shafted in an atmosphere that is dominated on all levels by the #MeToo is not by any means supporting him totally because I still have some issues with him on how he spoke publicly on the Black Community essentially throwing us under the bus to the delight of a world who doesn’t think that much of us in the first place.

But why is he the only one who is now locked up without any proof of this actually happening years after the alleged claims simply because of a mere word from an accuser? Sure, many whites have claimed that it’s not because of the system of White Supremacy but the law even though the others “should” have been locked up too! It’s the law alright, THE LAW OF WHITE SUPREMACY! It’s works so smoothly in our collective faces and hidden in plain sight that most whites who benefit from it will never see it or refuse to see what has been so obvious to us ever since we were enslaved into dealing with this beast!

BILL COSBY: Feeling The Wrath Of White Supremacy's Selective Punishment! - The LanceScurv Show

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