The news of Bill Cosby being set free truly broadsided me and came to me in a very unexpected manner. In this video I share my knee-jerk reactions as to this news and I feel as though the bullet hit the target. In that banner you will see that I put an image of O.J. Simpson and his lawyer Johnnie Cochran, while it may seem irrelevant to many the reason why a place that there was because many who despised Bill Cosby from the lies that were put out to have him incarcerated in the first place would be the same people who were upset that O.J. Simpson beat his case.

While many have mixed feelings on who Bill Cosby truly is, it is obvious that some backdoor deals were made to bring him down. Why would never say that this man was a saint for in actuality the
same person that was projected to be America’s dad, I will say that if you notice who were his close friends in real life you will begin to know who he truly was. So I ask everyone where were his friends who he spent time with when he was going through his personal crisis of being incarcerated. This entire situation lets me know that everything that appears to be one way may not be that way and that for every situation has publicly spelled out may not be authentically that way when you dig deeper. This is a very heated topic for many and no matter where you find yourself in with what side of the fence you find yourself on concerning the release of Bill Cosby please feel free to share your uncensored perspectives in the comment area below and please don’t hold back. I thank you for spending your precious time here with us and I do welcome you always come back to check out the latest offerings. Enjoy!

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