Bill Cosby: It’s Time To Man Up & SPEAK! – The LanceScurv Show

It’s time for Bill Cosby to open up his mouth and SPEAK!

Whether these allegations are true or whether they are lies, the fact of the matter is that there are too many women who have come forward accusing him of everything from sexual immorality to downright sexual assault.

While the possibility is still there that this is a well executed witch hunt of an effort from an elite shadow figure to bring Mr. Cosby down, the stories shared by these women could also all be true!

No matter WHERE one finds themselves in the opinion department on this issue, I believe that everyone will agree that it is now very confusing to know WHAT to believe and that also the time limit for Bill Cosby’s silence has been reached!

Only Bill Cosby, his accusers and God Himself know what really went down years ago under the cloak of secrecy and Mr. Cosby is the only piece of this confusing puzzle that hasn’t surfaced to tell his side.

More to come?

Of course! Trust me, this is a situation where truth is so much more stranger than fiction could ever be!

As always, leave your raw uncensored opinions in the comment box below and let’s keep this discussion going!

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  • Zardon M says:

    I’m not sure why Bill Cosby hasn’t defended himself to the press. But his wife and daughter have his back. Former Cosby Show co-stars Keshia Knight Pulliam and Raven Symone said that he was always a gentleman and taught them both how to act.Phylicia Ayers-Allen ( Rashad ) who played his lovely wife in TWO sitcoms stated this week that she believes all of these women accusing him of rape are part of a conspiracy that someone financed. She doesn’t know why, but I’m inclined to agree with her.

  • Shannon Parker says:

    well done

  • R Davian says:

    like a leaf in the wind tossed to and fro……..

  • Stephan Riberolle says:
  • Bum Head says:

    Bill Cosby is a travesty, to bad Camille is married to him. Dr. Huxtable is a fictional character. That is not who he really is.

  • loretta noname says:

    Please check out lashid4u channel and get her take on the bill cosby witch hunt ….I think you will be well informed about whats really going on…

  • thecooooolcat says:

    Well, Bill Cosby said, “I know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn’t have to answer to innuendos. People should fact-check. People shouldn’t have to go through this and shouldn’t answer to innuendos.”

  • Upful Soul says:

    Cosby has one of the best entertainment lawyers in Hollywood. The lawyers do there best to suppress negative stories from coming out. Once they are out, there is nothing much they can do. That’s why, Cosby was instructed to keep quiet to stop his image from being damaged further and giving the press more to write about.

  • creamycurves says:

    Hi lance, i just want to say, if he did do this, how will this affect us,? What will this change?is his confession gonna change the whores outlook?Is his crime worse than the poor rapist?Why do the world NEEDS to know?Did bill stretch his are out and die for us.Maybe he was an idol to some folks, this is not directed at u per say, but I’m curious as to what exactly we want from him. I just dont get it?HELP ME FIND THE LOGIC PLEASE ANYBODY?????

  • Jack Gully says:

    He better start telling the truth about the Satanic Hollywood before they kill him. He had sex with them” quid pro quo,” They want to get into the industry and Bill was the door. Most 80% of female Hollywood got in by mouth service and wide spread cheeks. As many white women accusing him in the 60’s “JIM CROW” he would had been hunged if he raped those women. White Man will not stand for it. If he did it, he has to PAY THE PIPER, if not, these women should ALL go to PRISON. Beverly Johnson is questionable.Why now, instead of the height of his power in the 80’s? Where are the Rape Kits? Where are the Police Reports? Where are the witnesses?R-Kelly molested more over than 50 or 60 girls and these same type of women listen to his music. 21 counts of Child Porn!!!!!! The reason if was tossed out, because of no search warrant. Where is the OUTRAGE on that or Officer Daniel Ken Holtzclaw who raped 8 black women and got bailed out of jail awaiting trial I don’t see NO protest or women (Black Women in Particular) becoming active in these situations. Cosby slept with WHORES that includes Beverly Johnson. Cosby is a WHOREMONGER and a CREEP.17:45 – BINGO. THAT’S WHY THEY ARE AFTER HIM.

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