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It’s time for Bill Cosby to open up his mouth and SPEAK!

Whether these allegations are true or whether they are lies, the fact of the matter is that there are too many women who have come forward accusing him of everything from sexual immorality to downright sexual assault.

While the possibility is still there that this is a well executed witch hunt of an effort from an elite shadow figure to bring Mr. Cosby down, the stories shared by these women could also all be true!

No matter WHERE one finds themselves in the opinion department on this issue, I believe that everyone will agree that it is now very confusing to know WHAT to believe and that also the time limit for Bill Cosby’s silence has been reached!

Only Bill Cosby, his accusers and God Himself know what really went down years ago under the cloak of secrecy and Mr. Cosby is the only piece of this confusing puzzle that hasn’t surfaced to tell his side.

More to come?

Of course! Trust me, this is a situation where truth is so much more stranger than fiction could ever be!

As always, leave your raw uncensored opinions in the comment box below and let’s keep this discussion going!


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