Bill Cosby: Why Did You Do THAT? – The Dr. Ramona Brockett Show

Dr. Ramona Brockett discusses the recent Bill Cosby revelation that he drugged Temple University’s Andrea Constand before having sex with her which came out because of the recent unsealed records in that case and settlement back in 2006.

Dr. Brockett as always is on point with her observations and ability to connect aspects of a story that appear to be initially non-related.

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  • yaya centella says:

    Pill cosby the truth shall set you free. God knows. Blessings of peace on
    earth, ashe

  • Larry Lee says:

    In the 70’s celebrities including Hugh Hefner admitted to using Quaalude’s
    before having sex with females. Cosby was not admitting he used them to
    RAPE women. In the Wolf of Wallstreet (Leonardo Dicaprio) the wealthy
    broker was often using Quaalude’s on females before having sex with them
    and he was always trying to get more. The real life person was never
    accused of rape. These females got just want they wanted. The poor mans
    so-called-drug was Spanish Fly. It was not to drug a women to rape them
    but it was more of a enhancer or prelude to having sex. Get smart people!
    THIS IS NOT PROOF OF RAPE! Remember in the movie: Scarface, His wife was
    arguing with him in the tub scene and he suggested that she take a couple
    of Quaalude’s’ and call him in the morning. It was a popular drug used
    before having sex. Truth is that it was a recreational drug. It is still
    produced and used clandestinely as a recreational drug throughout the
    world. The drug was popular in the 1970’s with hippies and in the disco
    club scene. DO NOT SNAP TO JUDGE. Wait and Watch!

  • 96thdayofrage says:

    He took the bait. He believed his own press. It’s sad. I, like Jill Scott,
    was so hoping that these allegations were not true. I can’t even enjoy his
    shows on TV now. But, when the elusive ‘they’ put you up, and you dance to
    their tunes, if you mess up just once….. Once! They are out to get you.
    They don’t care about you being asleep. They just want you to keep dancing.
    He was presumptuous to be that comfortable in that precarious place. He
    knew they were out to get him. To them, he was too big for his britches.

  • yerejay says:

    He, Cosby, admitted to giving women drugs (who he says wanted those drugs)
    and then having sex with them. That isn’t the same thing as rape. Drug
    distribution yes but rape? no evidence…yet. If you admit to buying
    condoms to have sex with women. Is that a confession of rape? Those who
    believe that an admission of taking drugs or buying drugs for women, is a
    “confession” of rape are reaching.

  • L Polk Jr says:

    Those without sin cast the first stone.

  • Gatta Harmon says:

    great video

  • Lee Jordan says:

    A lot of the women Cosby had targeted were women who had drug abuse
    histories…so he was the drug dealer…so to speak…but…maybe they just
    wanted to get high with him..but he took it to another level…and when
    they were” out”…He did the assaults…my opinion

  • Marlon Curington says:

    She just said it. “They” don’t want him to pass his wealth down to his
    offspring. That was my ending thought about all this…

  • Marlon Curington says:

    As a black male growing up without my father. I appreciate the heavens for
    my uncles!!

  • Marlon Curington says:

    I don’t know what to say about Bill. I’m 43 years old. Never in my mind did
    I ever think about drugging a woman and taking her. Forget the dope, just
    raping a woman is so far out there, it’s unreal.That’s equal to murder to
    me. No disrespect to any rape victim or survivor of a murder victim.

  • Marlon Curington says:

    And don’t forget. I do believe Bill grew up in the inner city of the mean
    streets of Philadelphia. Oh I almost forgot. So did O.J. in south central
    or watts

  • mimi4p says:

    ppl need to understand bill has yet to be made a rapist it was said he gave
    them the drug and they knew what it was my wife was raped at age 14 she
    went to the hospital and police on her own she even says why did not any of
    them get a rape kit see if they had VD what type of drug was so called
    spiked in there drink bill was not all powerful like that he was and still
    is a blackman they would have hung him if them white women would have took
    him down remember this was the 60’s and 70’s what happen they didnt get
    what they wanted they partied with him took drugs drank and had sex but
    after he left them out to dry the only victim here is his wife and family
    you cant tell me 40 women and not 1 took him down at the time they say it
    happen being a man of a raped victim you cant make me see it

  • >