Bill Cosby’s Rape Allegations: Like Roaches, They Just Keep Coming! – The LanceScurv Show

It seems to be getting on the ridiculous side now, but more and more women are coming forward to state that Bill Cosby has assaulted them sexually sometimes under the most bizarre of circumstances!

Who would have ever thought that “America’s Favorite Dad” would be “America’s Most Accused Pervert” with his alleged victims coming out of the woodwork like freshly sprayed roaches!

While I’ve questioned the motivations behind each woman who has come forward usually after several decades of silence, the first and foremost inquiry that I have is WHY NOW?

I’ve heard rumors that Bill Cosby had intentions of creating his own television network singlehandedly with his own money that would be void of the negative images of Black people that are overwhelmingly abundant on just about every other major network bar none.

Cos - Carson Graphic

He surely has the money to do it, so is this some kind of character smearing attack to rob him of all credibility to potential sponsors and advertisers on his proposed independent network?

Something is definitely happening “under the covers” in the Bill Cosby Rape allegation frenzy and most would agree that there is so much more than meets the eye!

Please leave your feedback, thoughts and perspectives in the comment area below and let us continue this riveting conversation. God bless!

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