Bill Cosby’s Rape Shakedown: Hollywood Character Assassination 101! – The LanceScurv Show

Bill Cosby’s rape shakedown & the possible motivations is the focal point in this spirited verbal exchange between LanceScurv & Madamwhipass!

Why would Bill Cosby have to take sex by force if he wanted being who he is as such a recognizable face who has to know that he has always been a target in an industry that’s still very much racist today?

Bill Cosby in his humble beginnings was not the icon that he became and had to understand that back in 1969 that to rape a White woman while being so visible to the entire world not would have merely been a career ending act but something that would put his life at risk! Remember, that was way back in the late 60’s!

This scandal reeks of the same stench that was in the air with the Michael Jackson and Herman Cain circus acts and shall soon pass.

I believe that Bill Cosby, after all of his decades as a well known celebrity in Hollywood knows something about someone who is threatened by his bold and outspoken manner and needed to assassinate his character and rob him of his credibility before he reveals some hidden truth!


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