Bill Cosby’s Rape Shakedown: Hollywood Character Assassination 101! – The LanceScurv Show

Bill Cosby’s rape shakedown & the possible motivations is the focal point in this spirited verbal exchange between LanceScurv & Madamwhipass!

Why would Bill Cosby have to take sex by force if he wanted being who he is as such a recognizable face who has to know that he has always been a target in an industry that’s still very much racist today?

Bill Cosby in his humble beginnings was not the icon that he became and had to understand that back in 1969 that to rape a White woman while being so visible to the entire world not would have merely been a career ending act but something that would put his life at risk! Remember, that was way back in the late 60’s!

This scandal reeks of the same stench that was in the air with the Michael Jackson and Herman Cain circus acts and shall soon pass.

I believe that Bill Cosby, after all of his decades as a well known celebrity in Hollywood knows something about someone who is threatened by his bold and outspoken manner and needed to assassinate his character and rob him of his credibility before he reveals some hidden truth!

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  • jessie james says:

    this is becoming ridiculous!

  • TheMjgirl1 says:

    I wished Lance would have asked the lady in what ways did MJ contribute to his own demise? It is sad that, for the most part when MJ was going through the vicious, unrelenting character assassination and bullying by the mainstream media black people allowed and participated in the witchhunt and now in death they want to blame him for not being a superman. I have much respect , admiration, and love for MJ; the man endured through a lot. The man fought hard and did not allow people to keep him down untill his untimely death. He died trying to show love to the world again despite the horrible way he had been mistreated. It would have been nice if his own countrymen, especially blacks would have supported , encouraged, and appreciated him more, instead of the constant ignorant judgments, hateful criticisms, and inhuman ridicule/humiliation they gave him.

  • Willy Skweek says:

    Stick a fork in Cosby, he’s done! Every corporation and college he was associated with has distanced themselves from his rapist ass making him lose tons of money and tarnished his reputation beyond repair. Bye Bill, you fuck, go die.

  • Willy Skweek says:

    Stick a fork in Cosby, he’s done! Every corporation and college he was associated with has distanced themselves from his rapist ass making him lose tons of money and tarnished his reputation beyond repair. Bye Bill, you fuck, go die.

  • Willy Skweek says:

    This is entertainment for the WWE crowd. It’s pure bullshit for ignorant people. If you like this lying dildo it shows you’re a fucking idiot. So, join the Idiot Club!

  • Willy Skweek says:

    This is entertainment for the WWE crowd. It’s pure bullshit for ignorant people. If you like this lying dildo it shows you’re a fucking idiot. So, join the Idiot Club!

  • SapientLady says:

    Donald Trump

  • octavius simplicitous says:

    this black man became too successfulracism/white supremacy

  • 2ratunda says:

    You need to view the video “Model Confesses Was Paid to Destroy Bill Cosby”.

  • Laura Prezio says:

    Bill Cosby has higher ideals for the black race and that goes against what the media propaganda creeps are creating….

  • RTR TRUTH MEDIA™ tomlacovara says:

    Bro……I am ususally with you on your position……but truly this is not just a “Black thing”, but a “cabal thing”. They have ABSOLUTELY have taken out African American important men, but they have also done white people who try to expose the cabal, or are a danger of it. Mike was finished when he pointed them out, the fact that he was black was only added insult to the injury under the circumstances…..they are doing Julian Assange the similar way, they are doing the same thing to a Patriot friend who is a decorated US Marine who stood up against the crimes and he was accused of horrible crimes against his daughter allegedly but of course the government went to his estranged ex to get her to come forward after they sepearated……..a mother is going to wait to report such a thing? There is always something that shows the truly innocent as such…… are right……the lie has a shelf life that the truth does not.

  • MsKeeperoftheflame says:

    What I find disturbing is now this “has been” ex- supermodel Beverly Johnson is claiming Cosby drugged her and almost raped her. They had to dig her rusty ass out of the mothballs and use her as the “token” black woman who was attacked by Cosby. She hasn’t been relevant is decades in black elite society or the black community at large. So who the hell is she to come out with these allegations? Oh, yeah, she and Jancie Dickerson are good friends. It figures. Two attention seeking druggy ex models trying to grab some of the spotlight at Cosby’s expense.

  • Jonathan Kidd says:

    Hollywood killed his son to stop him from purchasing NBC now they are
    trying to get him for some rape charges somethings up he know something.

  • Kim Bessong says:

    Whyt women have brought down so many men and people; and blk men close
    their eyes and don’t use common sense. They are the same devil’s their
    fathers are.

  • glen dale says:

    Wake up! W A R on B L A C K people..

  • glen dale says:

    The world prosecuted JESUS, and we are HIS children and the time is short!
    Every devil is coming out! B E W A R E people, and call on the name of

  • glen dale says:

    Look at the way they are showing his mouth! Is that blood coming down his
    mouth? WOW!

  • thecooooolcat says:

    It’s disturbing. Bill Cosby’s guilty until proven innocent? It’s is all
    rumor and hearsay character assassination. Bill Cosby “kissed” Carla
    Ferrigno in 1967? An interracial kiss is not a rape, or an attack. Carla
    admits, “I said, ‘I’ve never been kissed by a black man before.'” that
    tells me that this smear campaign is really about race.

  • Kat G says:

    Personally I don’t believe Jackson was innocent. Michael Jackson was wicked
    which is why he had a naked little boy in the palm of his hand on one of
    his album covers. As for Bill Cosby, I feel for him but if he is guilty of
    these things I hope that he will repent and get his life right with God
    before he dies. There is a reason why God is allowing this to happen to
    him. We gotta stop letting the enemy distract us with race and wake up and
    realize the real battle is for your soul. This outter shell is temporary.

  • J Moon says:

    Interesting that this is going on while other situations are taking place.
    Such as the Ferguson grand jury verdict, Obama’s decision on immigration,
    the shootings that happened in Florida and many other occurrences that have
    arise these past few days

  • rockhardagain says:

    It is very likely that his son was murdered long ago I an effort to keep
    him quiet. Hollywood is a very dark place, and they like having compliant
    cash cows. Sticking to celebrities who spoke against the establishment,
    Michael Jackson spoke out and was character assassinated, Whitney Houston
    spoke out was was also, and so it logically Cosby also has become the next
    to have his image trashed so people won’t value his voice as much.
    There has been no more influential black man on television in my lifetime,
    and especially of integrity.
    This is a clear character assassination and I am glad that you have pointed
    this out on your show!

  • Curses Of The Hebrews says:

    Bill Cosby’s Rape Shakedown: Hollywood Character …:

  • Black Jews Salvation Coming Soon says:

    Bill Cosby’s Rape Shakedown: Hollywood Character …:

  • Alana H says:

    These folks are so mad that Obama is in office that they are messing w/all
    black folks! Racism has skyrocketed! Now they’re going after one of the
    greatest male role models. I will never forget when he said black men can
    buy $300 sneakers, but can’t afford $200 for hooked on phonics. This is why
    black folks don’t like him b/c the truth hurts! Those woman need to get a
    life and stop lying! This angers me b/c they can ruin a man’s life lying
    like that. He’s 77, let him enjoy the years he has left. Lance did you
    see the video w/the bus driver and the kid fighting? I thought of you when
    I watched it, how would you handle that situation?

  • whatever says:

    These women just want all the fans that FUCKING MADE COSBY RICH to know
    that he is a rapist scumbag. So if the public decides they are not going to
    watch and spend money on and admire a RAPIST then that is our MOTHERFUCKING
    right as a rapist hating public.

  • Jack Gully says:

    If it’s true, it’s too old to go after. This is nothing new. Two or three
    women, I disregard, 13, then there is a problem. If they want to come after
    someone with big money, Michael Jordan, Tyler Perry, Oprah would be the
    ones. Now he did speak some truth, but he’s part of the system as well. He
    was compromised long time ago.

  • MadamWhipAss says:

    Mr. Cosby: This too shall pass…

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