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Bill O’Reilly, the self righteous egotistical overbearing confrontational straight up LYING host of The Fox News program, The O’Reilly Factor, has a petition circulating as we speak calling for all advertisers who sponsor his program to dump him because he is a Wife beater!

I find it so ironic and truly hilarious that after being so “concerned” about the health of the Black family – and I’m saying that very sarcastically – that he himself is truly the Wife Beater that he pretty much infers that most Black men are.

But as the saying goes…….every dog has his day and Bill O’Reilly is having the covers snatched off of his pompous backside in the worst way, in a manner that will not only hit him in the pockets but will also cripple Fox News no matter how shrewd his lawyers slant his character in the favor of the public psyche.

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