Bishop Eddie Long: Mentally Ill & Licensed To Preach?

How many of us in all of our religious glory are not so much “Soldiers In The Army Of The Lord” but mentally ill individuals operating under the cloak of normalcy and on the brink of insanity?

How else would you explain the actions of a young woman who handed over a huge stack of money to the Lithonia Georgia’s officially certified deviant (When you paid 25 million dollars in a settlement were we KNOW that you have to be guilty of something!) and still
active (Sexually we know!) Bishop Eddie Long publicly in front his entire flock of Jim Jones-like dedicated followers?


Jeez! Some people have no hope in this life to wake up at all!

At this point I am through with that faction of Negro that can see something so obvious yet hold on to a pipe dream of a lie and march on with that dumb look on their face as though nothing ever went down in that situation!

At THIS point I refuse to even get upset anymore because if a person wants to blatantly worship a man over God and insists on being duped I’ve and over again then that’s on them. Is this all preachers that I am speaking of? No! Is this all flock that I am speaking of? Of course not! Am I blaspheming God’s body of the church? Of course not!

How could I be guilty of blaspheming the church when these sad examples of a carnal sodomite side show circus that hides under the
garb and covering of the churchified ceremonies that are only set up to to generate a steady cash flow in an organization that has as much credibility as a corner lot gypsy jack leg used car lot that’s here today and gone tomorrow!

If you think I am wrong for saying this then let me ask YOU this – Why is it that with an organization like Eddie Long’s “church” and Creflo Dollar’s (That name kills me!) “house of worship”, they don’t seem to have to answer to anyone in an organized system that can keep any corruption in check?Why do I get the feeling that they have set their hierarchies up in a manner that would keep them at the helm and eerily on top of it for an entire lifetime without any accountability whatsoever no matter how blatant the violations uncovered?

Violations uncovered…….

Hmmmmmmm. Interesting.

Let’s play what if. What if Eddie Long didn’t settle with his former lovers out of court by throwing those rocks that amounted to 25 million? What was the scenario that he was trying to avoid? Well, imagine if they had to reveal every text message and every photo shared on his text messaging account. It may have well been so much more to be discovered and he definitely did not want that information revealed because I sincerely believe that there was so much more for the media to dig into relentlessly to parade around with.

God forgive me if i am wrong but THIS is what I sincerely feel would have discovered……and before anyone here reading this says that I am bearing false witness just sit up and SHUT UP! I am merely thinking out loud for your entertainment and to stoke some thoughts that you may not have been inspired to think but seriously…….I believe that he was involved with many of the church members and knew of the saints secret orgies and underground decadence of the other church members. Look, what ever happens at the top will trickle down to the bottom and even though much of what has transpired may have been on a non verbal level, understand that kindred spirits do not have to verbally communicate very much to let each other know where they are coming from.

And you who were out in the world at some point in time or for you who may still be out in the world can tell those who are ignorant to the fact that what I am saying is truth. Whatever your vice was/is, you had a special radar of “knowing” who was into your same vice and quickly found the hidden highways and byways to guide you to your indulgences. Put a born and raised inner city urban crackhead who has NEVER left that environment who has developed over the years a unique way of surviving that terrain into a rural farm town with very little in the form of any semblance of a city life and amidst the farm animals¬† and rolling country hillsides tucked within mile after mile of forests, he will find a way to GET those crack rocks much to your amazement!

The same is with Bishop Eddie Long and his congregation, you can’t tell me that no one didn’t know anything about what was going on! There is always someone who knows in the inner circle. There is always someone who is in the spirit who will be the first one to be targeted as being the one who is trying to “touch” the so called anointed one with the truth as they see it! When these bold in the spirit types start to tellin’ what it is that they see, they will always be listed as the “crazy one!” But after time goes by those same followers who were blinded and bedazzled by the Eddie Long deceptive magic would have to face their own lack of insight like a bad meal that can’t stay down but when consumed earlier was the best tasting thing to hit the tongue according to the consumer.

It’s a hard realization but one that was apparent if you gauged the volume of cars or lack thereof in the New Birth Baptist Church parking lot on the Sunday after the settlement was announced. But even that spectacular sign of mass awakening couldn’t stop the stubborn (And that’s all it is!) followers of Eddie Long’s velvety tongued rap from walking tall into the “Stank-tuary” to stand behind their man but but if the truth be told which one of those “Soldiers Of The Whore” named Eddie Long really went there to worship God in the first place? Look at all of the walls in that joint and all you will see are pictures of Eddie Long and that demonic looking creepy ass symbol/logo for his church!

There is definitely something up with that setup and if you ask me, this is reason enough to do a Federal probe of all of his dastardly doings but in reality I believe that too many other famous people would be implicated  and exposed in a trail that would go far into every sphere of public life from our entertainment celebrities to the men and women of the cloth and all the way right up to Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

Somebody in the know is reading this and shaking their head thinking to themselves how dead on this article is and wondering how in the hell I am reading the situation like a cheap dime store novel!

You see, Bishop Eddie Long can afford to be arrogant because he knows that the secret order that he belongs to as a deceiver of the public is secure and he will never be toppled from power if those in those upper echelons of demonic order who rule this worldly order have anything to do with it. His arrogance is not based in anything Godly at all! Look at how he prances about, thatose mannerisms are definitely not the fruits of the spirit on display at all!

So know that what goes on at the top flows right on down to the bottom. So that blinded fool of a molester worshipper had every right and permission in her mind to strut her stuff in the middle of the service right up to the front and drop that stack of cash right in the hand of her “master” because in essence Bishop Eddie Long to her and the remaining parishioners of the New Birth Baptist Church are doing nothing wrong in their mind except worshiping their god. Isn’t that what a loyal follower does when they enter through those doors of the sanctuary? Some may do this for the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in THEIR church and others do it for Bishop Eddie Long in New Birth.

The difference is, will they follow their man-god just as fervently down to the pits of hell as the temperature increases? Maybe THEN they just might begin to wake up, if not sooner then maybe later…….

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