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Bishop Eddie Long of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church unfortunately for him has become the “face” of all that is wrong with the Black Church today.

It is not a status that he chose personally but nonetheless it is one that fate has forced him to wear because of the twisted set of circumstances that he has found himself in because of his own denials.

Many feel that Bishop Eddie Long has been chastised harshly for his “moral misjudgments” with those young men just as the overwhelming majority feel passionately that he wasn’t called out enough for the “sodomite indulgences” that he so vehemently denies ever taking place even though his payment of millions of dollars to his victims speaks volumes of his innocence.

Sorry Eddie Long, but you have been chosen to symbolically “die” for the sins of every child molesting pastor before you as well as those who continue to inflict their perverse desires on innocent prey while conveniently hiding behind the facade of holiness that your position and title afford you.

Yes, it may seem very unfair that you should have to endure such a sustained “attack” on the false projection of a moral character that never truly existed as your delusional congregation continues to believe in that cardboard cutout of a lie that your victims and enablers knew was paper thin.

But it was a risk that you were willing to take Eddie and every time you got away with executing your perverse acts, it empowered and emboldened you to feel it was your right to repeat it time and time again. And while the world knows that you paid out millions to those five young men for what you’ve done, we’ve got to wonder how many others were there and how many other powerful Pastors, Politicians, Celebrities and other faceless sodomites were connected to you in such a manner as kindred spirits who feared exposure and made sure to pull the strings to make that money payment possible to settle it quickly.

But the real reason why you continue to be the face of sin in the Black Church is because of the denial of many who are in your congregation who continue to support you as well as countless millions worldwide. Your chastisement won’t ever go away as long as their turning their heads the other way to the sins in our church continues to happen.

The Eddie Long saga touched a lot of nerves in the Black Community and it’s time to really talk about it barring the emotions and denials that have caused many to allow Bishop Eddie Long and the countless entities like him to operate as boldly as they do to leave behind destroyed lives that just might never recover.

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