Bishop Eddie Long Visits!

The proof is in the pudding as they say! While I can tell you the things that I see on the back end of being a webmaster for my own blog, this time I would rather show you. Let me explain what I am speaking about, I have a few ways of checking the statistics of who visits my blog and this system in particular emphasizes certain aspects of who hits my blog even though it may be not as good in other respects as the other two blog stat systems that I have in place.

Well, not to bore you anymore with insignificant details I just wanted to say that when I woke up this morning I found an unexpected visitor who dropped by at 10:21 a.m. and it truly tickled me to see where this visitor was from with pin point accuracy…….it was someone who accessed my blog from the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia Georgia and I couldn’t help but be tickled because just about three hours before I posted another shoot from the hip blog about Bishop Eddie Long so I was left to speculate on WHO might that have been on

Let’s take a guess……..

Put it this way, when one runs a business as Eddie Long does, and is in a state of collapse then going into the mode of damage control is definitely a given. You want to know what the world is saying about you and where else could you actually see first hand who is saying what and what the masses are saying without the fear of reprisal than in cyberspace?

And when one has a reputation such as I as being brutally honest and truthful to a fault you KNOW you have to visit this blog! Well, I hope the Staff of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church or Eddie Long himself got the info he was looking for this morning and hopefully someone will have gotten the wake up call necessary to alter their twisted ways.

Just look at the graph below and check out “line 5”, this visit came from the actual church domain which is proof positive of their visit. Also, below that graph is stats from another system that displays the specific system stats and IP number in case this visit manifests into some legal action.

Know that while many times we brush off the effectiveness of our collective online presence, do know that many individuals are watching and our voices do have an effect greater than what we are given credit for. And if you happen to be reading this Eddie Long, do know that God can forgive you if you truly and humbly bow your head and ask for forgiveness, you will be able to hold your head high because you have made peace with your Maker but from what I am seeing you are vehemently holding your head high in arrogance!

This false bravado and faux pride does not originate from the spirit of God and is not rooted in the fruits of the spirit! No! Your resistance to ever acknowledge what has happened in the dark with those boys reeks of guilt especially since you put out the amount of money that you did. Wow. I wonder where THAT money came from? But don’t let me start on him anymore as I might get rewarded with a personal visit from Mr. Long himself! LOL!


1. 17 June 10:10 RESEARCH IN MOTION, United States
2. 17 June 10:16 Optimum Online, Bronx, New York, United States
3. 17 June 10:17 City Of Lakeland, Lakeland, Florida, United States
4. 17 June 10:20 Department of Veterans Affairs, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
5. 17 June 10:21 NEW BIRTH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHU, Lithonia, Georgia, United States
6. 17 June 10:29 Comcast Cable, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
7. 17 June 10:30 Optimum Online, Brooklyn, New York, United States
8. 17 June 10:41 VI POWERNET, LLC, St Thomas, Virgin Islands (US)
9. 17 June 10:49 Opera Software ASA, Poland
10. 17 June 10:50 INTOWN SUITES MANAGEMENT, Forest Park, Georgia, United States
11. 17 June 10:57, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
12. 17 June 11:01 Brasil Telecom S/A – Filial Distrito Federal, Pomerode, Santa Catarina, Brazil
13. 17 June 11:08 ADA Houston, Houston, Texas, United States
14. 17 June 11:20 Stanford University, Stanford, California, United States
15. 17 June 11:23 Frontier Communications, Bullhead City, Arizona, United States
16. 17 June 11:26, Nashville, Tennessee, United States
17. 17 June 11:39 US TOY CO., Grandview, Missouri, United States
18. 17 June 11:51 Automatic Data Processing – Employer Services, Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey, United States
19. 17 June 11:58 Comcast Cable, Concord, California, United States
20. 17 June 12:08 Comcast Cable, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
21. 17 June 12:08 WDC Bridged Circuits, Washington, District of Columbia, United States
22. 17 June 12:15 Exalead, Paris, Ile-de-France, France
23. 17 June 12:21 PT. First Media, Tbk, Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
24. 17 June 12:24 SBC Internet Services, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States
25. 17 June 12:28 QAQ ADSL, Qaqortoq, Vestgronland, Greenland
26. 17 June 12:42 Telecom Italia, Fano, Marche, Italy
27. 17 June 12:47 Sprint PCS, Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States
28. 17 June 12:49, Smyrna, Georgia, United States
29. 17 June 12:51 Syracuse City Schools, Syracuse, New York, United States
30. 17 June 13:02 Cambodian ISP, Country Wide, Wireless IAP, Phnum Pénh, Phnum Penh, Cambodia
31. 17 June 13:07 The Tri-County Telephone Association, Emporia, Kansas, United States
32. 17 June 13:31 Road Runner, Cleveland, Ohio, United States
33. 17 June 13:52 SMILE-DR-STEVEN-TITLEBAUM, Santa Monica, California, United States
34. 17 June 14:17 Fraser Health Authority, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
35. 17 June 14:20 Comcast Cable, Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
36. 17 June 14:22 Comcast Cable, Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States
37. 17 June 14:40 America Online, United States
38. 17 June 15:06 Verizon Internet Services, Livingston, New Jersey, United States
39. 17 June 15:10 Shaw Communications, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
40. 17 June 15:13 Insight Communications Company, Florence, Kentucky, United States
41. 17 June 15:21 Bluehost, Provo, Utah, United States
42. 17 June 15:22 Google, Council Bluffs, Iowa, United States
43. 17 June 15:23 SaudiNet, Saudi Telecom Company, Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia
44. 17 June 15:28 Starman AS, Tartu, Tartumaa, Estonia
45. 17 June 15:28 Frontier Communications, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, United States
46. 17 June 15:32 Road Runner, Orlando, Florida, United States
47. 17 June 15:36 AMAZON.COM, Fresno, California, United States
48. 17 June 15:36 AMAZON.COM, Roswell, Georgia, United States
49. 17 June 15:36 AMAZON.COM, Roswell, Georgia, United States
50. 17 June 15:36 Optimum Online, West Babylon, New York, United States

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