Bishop Eddie Long’s Victory Celebration

Bishop Eddie Long’s settlement to the so called victims of his deviant undercover practices as a Bishop over a Mega-Church sends a heck of a message out to the world!

The bottom line is if you have the money to back you up in court, you can get away with just about anything and not be questioned by your flock as long as you maintain the illusion of being a Godly man.


What’s that?

Merely pay off your detractors so that the church game can move on to higher ground! How sick have we become as a society when we begin to worship a mere man more than we worship the very God that we claim to believe in?

I stopped looking at Eddie Long a LONG TIME ago and now shake mey head in disbelief at those who continue to support him through this sham! But mark my words, it ain’t over yet because his twisted sex drive will truly blow things up in a manner that CAN’T BE DENIED!


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