Black America: The Official Junkyard Of The World!

The hand of the LORD was on me, and he brought me out by the Spirit of the LORD and set me in the middle of a valley; it was full of bones. He led me back and forth among them, and I saw a great many bones on the floor of the valley, bones that were very dry. He asked me, “Son of man, can these bones live?”

Ezekiel 37 1-3

If you think I’m getting a bit beyond myself by the way I titled this blog then I dare you to prove me wrong!

Black America IS the Official Junkyard Of The World!

You say how can that be? Well let me tell you how right now…….

First let us agree on what a junkyard is and then let’s disagree on an intellectual level and not on an emotional one.

When you have a vehicle that may be giving you major or minor problems where you might just have to purchase a new part for it in order to keep it in perfect working order you might first go to the dealership but if their prices are high and you can get the part cheaper then many of us will go to the automobile junkyard.

The junkyard is a place where there are vehicles that are just sitting there beyond repair and in no shape to be able to ever run as they were previously. Usually they end up there after an accident or an insurance right-off. They can also just be vehicles that are so old that the owner probably sold it to the junkyard for a flat rate so that the junkyard owner can “part it out” over time.

The junkyard is the best place to do this because there you will usually find the vast storage space as the owner of the yard has the available time to deal with the multitude of various patrons searching for rare parts for vehicles old and new.

So now we understand that a junkyard is a place that can be considered a graveyard of old cars where one can use a part of an otherwise useless vehicle in order to keep their automobile running pristine for a long time to come.

So why would I say that Black America is the official junkyard of the world?

Well, like that old junkyard, Black America is used by everyone to supplement their own interests with absolutely no concern for the rest of the “vehicle” that lays dead in the junkyard called ghetto.

What do I mean by everyone? Just that, everyone. You must understand that going by the sheer size and power of the economic strength alone that Black Americans generate, it would be considered one of the top countries in the entire world. And while I wouldn’t stick my nose out and say that I could tell you where the Black community would rank as a country now, I do know that a while back it would be rated as number eleven in comparison to the worlds countries.
No matter where Black America ranks in the world with its financial might the only concern of those who are the well dressed bloodsuckers is what can be taken off of the dead carcass of a wasted segment of society that has not the resources to self generate for its own benefit but has long been only a supplement to the larger surrounding systems.

Bloodsuckers? Is it too harsh a term to use? I thought not. Why? Because a bloodsucker survives off of a separate system yet brings
nothing in return too that system. The bloodsucker has no interest in adding to that same system that keeps them alive and is quite
comfortable with the arrangement as it is.

Well look around the Black neighborhoods in America, they are a haven of broken pieces that at best can be used to make another people live well while we can’t be put back together in a completely functional restoration to do any good for ourselves.

So people from other countries come here to salvage the “parts” that are Black America for their own benefit. I cannot  blame them as though they are guilty as we are to blame because we lack the discipline from within and the trust amongst ourselves to stop thinking as consumers  for a short term rush and to begin to think in terms building for our future generations something that will last beyond one lifespan.

But many immigrants come here to this country knowing good and darn well that the silver and gold that lines the streets of America are really the deaf dumb and blind people who just can’t seem to make any improvement for themselves but are good enough to create empires for others. What really is our problem?

We are the well known consumers of the world who produce nothing! Now granted, there are many Black people who are successful and have plenty sense, so do NOT bombard me with a million e-mails to tell me about those who are making a difference. I KNOW that they are there and I fully support the wonderful work that they are doing to empower through education and awareness to change the world one person at a time. But while I don’t want to make anyone feel as though they should internalize or harp on the same old song over and over. The fact of the matter is that we wouldn’t have to hear it over and over again if we put our collective feet down to make a change once and for all!

But how many of us want to do this?

We have become so comfortable in being the class clown of the school. We have become so comfortable with being on the bottom rung for so long that we don’t expect anything more to happen good for us in our lifetimes, isn’t this a shame?

While I am not calling out anyone race of people or trying to turn this blog article around into some type of divisive medium, I must speak it as it is. Why are we so afraid to speak on the realities that are plainly there for all to see? Especially more so since we are the ones exploited and fueling those immense empires that are grown to greatness off of our backs. We are to take a lot of the blame also but let me start from beginning to end to paint the overall picture.

Look around you. Look at how our lack of discipline to go home and cook has become an entire monopoly for the Chinese. They play the roll quite well to psyche us out into thinking that they are poor and lowly peasants when in fact they are a shrewd business minded people who have a tremendous work ethic and belief system as well as the unity that keeps them out of our failing economic system as far as begging mainstream America for jobs like we do! Ever notice that? And if they are in the American economic system they are getting PAID in the medical or technological industry, but you won’t see them working somewhere for pennies on the dollar. The stick together and work with and for each other, and that’s a valuable lesson that we all need to learn but somehow seem to never grasp.

Look at how many Indians have set up gas stations, Dunkin’ Donuts and 7-11’s in our neighborhoods. Why is it that we never consider taking these roads to financial freedom? Why is it that we are always begging someone else for a job when we can stick together as a people and create our own offering to the world to support our own pristine communities, schools of higher learning and improved living conditions?

Look at the Korean nail salons, the beauty supply stores, all set up to make a huge amount of money over something as frivolous as altering outwardly our low perceptions of ourselves. I mean, we are not the only people affected by these various hangups but we are disproportionately at the top of the list when we think of who are the most foolish consumers of these products.

We can’t pay the rent on time but we have to have our hair looking good! Looking good? Most of the time we are so laughable because we come off as clowns to the world community. How do I know? Because when I’m driving my bus I can clearly hear the conversations shared by those who are not Black. And trust me, spending all of the money in the world on a garish outfit or a downright ridiculous hairstyle will not force anyone to see you any higher than they do because of the overwhelmingly low opinion of you that is basically written in stone.

Overseas there is an entire underground economy that is thriving unseen off of the backs of Black America. Over in China, many people from all over the world have gone there to relocate permanently as to put them in the enviable position to export the knock-off Coach bags and bootleg sportswear that we as Blacks find so appealing as we want to appear as though we have the illusion of a good life while suffering and wondering how we are going to make it from day to day.

The overall point that I am making here is that as long as we feverishly fuel and foolishly finance the financial ascension of others, everything will remain the same because they are getting such an easy free ride because of our lack of unity and awareness. Nothing will change and the bad part is, is that we have become so lucrative to others that THEY will fight so hard to keep us ignorant to what will break their hold on us and make us free.

So while I believe that so much can be accomplished in an passive/aggressive manner, understand that when America was invaded by the Europeans, it wasn’t a song and dance that got them in position here to be the so called “great nation” that they are now. I wouldn’t dare even move my mouth to lie to you and tell you such a barefaced falsehood. Song and dance? Hell! They came over here and roughhouse those who called this place home and did what they felt they had to do to get what they wanted. This is the same way I feel that we should do here within the boundaries of all that is legal!

I say that it should be within all legal boundaries because in this day and time whenever one of color rises rapidly in the business world another more stringent set of standards are put on them as far as having to play by the rules. The government will watch you in order to catch you up in any wrongdoing that you may be involved in and you will pay a far bigger penalty than if you were of a different race or background. We can make it just like anyone else but know that you will be met with even more intimidating obstacles to surmount but if you are diligent enough and continue to relentlessly “chip away” at your roadblock, not only will you succeed but you will shine like no other! But the question remains, are you prepared to do what it takes to make it to the next level of success in this slanted card game called business in America?

You cannot be “nice” in business with anyone. Business is business. Do not be fooled by the smiles and friendly greetings of those who want you to think that they are all about being friendly with you. You are NOT there to be their friend. While you can do things in a friendly professional cordial manner do understand that they are very much capable of driving a knife in your back on a business level because it is all about money only as to why they are there. Know this and move forward aggressively being determined to get your way. Only the strong survive in this world and whatever fairytale that you have been told please leave it at the door or you will soon understand what it is like to be eaten up alive.

You have a right to be professionally vicious in business and to defend your rights to achieve what you desire in this world and in doing so you will not be viewed as an easy victim as we are today in the Black communities worldwide. As of now we are so terribly exploited and abused but as it happens we have kept this foolish smile on our faces because we have accepted it as the natural order of things. How foolish you are! You must demand to know why everyone else can come here and make a million off of a poor people who have absolutely nothing for themselves. Why is it that certain people stay in riches and live so well while others are down in the mud with nothing to hope for.

Sure, this world is NOT fair but just to know that should be the motivation enough to make you get up to want to move mountains! I don’t know about you but I will never stop my daily manifestations of the talents that God has given me until the day that I am called home! If we collectively continue to let this happen to us, all we will ever to to the world is a disrespected “low expectation having” people who were made to serve others as the official junkyard of the world!




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