The other day I was watching something on youtube, where this beautiful black sister who is a border police and ex police deputy. Each morning as she drives to work dressed in her federal uniform, she worries about being pulled over. Well one morning two white male local police officers pulled her over. They were very rude to her she says, and they felt a bit intimidated by her, because she is a border police and a black woman, with a higher position than theirs.

When they first pulled her over she wanted to know why, because she wasn’t speeding. Plus she was driving her work vehicle. It was clear to her that they didn’t have a reason for pulling her over other than she was black and an officer who was at a much higher rank than they were.

It was a good thing that she knew her rights and was able to keep her cool.

They wanted to see her license and other documents such as her insurance, she told them that,all they had to do was run her stickers on the back of her vehicle. They didn’t want too and it was clear that they were trying to break her down. She made them know that she knew what they were trying to do, and that they should just give her a ticket if they felt that she broke the law. 

They did, and wrote her one for driving to close, and the other for texting. Which were all a bunch of lies and she told them so. After receiving her tickets and being interrogated by the two roadside police. She then went to the police station where they worked to report them to the chief, and it turned out that they weren’t even supposed to be given out tickets, because they’re narcotics police officers. So after seeing her from a distance they may have thought that she was a black man,with lots of drugs in her van.

But instead of admitting to the that they were wrong they still pulled her over and interrogated her. Being a cop herself she knew how to handle things, as the two white cops were trying to piss her off but she was able to checkmate them. Her biggest concerns are her people and how they are being treated. If they could treat her in such a manner then what about the regular black public.

She also had her work gun close by next to driver’s license. So while the racist cop were asking her for this and that, they’re were times that her gun almost got exposed. And those two cops could have lied after they killed a black cop, who was only on her way to work. So yes this story could have ended another way and thank the creator that it didn’t.

By Denoceta Guy

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  • Reservist98721 says:

    Definetely messed up .Similiar thing happened with this family

    When they tried to get justice the community gang stalked to the point there kids were harassed in school.

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