Black Bus Driver Called Monkey & Blackie At Jewish School In Brooklyn! – The LanceScurv Show

Willis Baker, once a bus driver for the United Talmudical Academy of Boro Park Inc., had to constantly deal with racial slurs yelled at him from the Jewish Kids who he drove while the teachers did nothing about it.

As I always say, the children reflect what they learn at home!

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  • WORSTBREED says:

    If u look like a monkey own that shit… If your black an someone calls u
    blacky whats the problem. All i see on tv youtube an in rral life r a bunch
    of fucn crybabies. I did 7 years in tdc in texas an blacks monkeys blackies
    niggers ect watever u want to call urselves complained an cried an bitched
    up… Tired of the fucn cryin an complaining. Take ur moon cricket ass back
    to africa if u cant deal with simple words.

  • AVD says:

    I agree with everything you said Lance, 110 percent. Black people do not
    stick together nor do we support each other. Some of us are still wandering
    in the wilderness long after the 40 years have been over.When are we going
    to stop watching the stupid reality shows, going on World Star for instant
    attention and notoriety no matter how degrading it may be ,looking like
    fools for the whole world to see and being in financial slavery to the
    White/Jewish/Asian/Indian etc.? What is it going to take for us to WAKE

    Thank You for your educational messages and for caring enough to take the
    time to do them.

  • Alana H says:

    Will it ever end! Preach On!

  • LIONKING1103 says:

    Learned behaviors, food for the soul. It’s what shapes the children
    immediately upon exiciting the womb!!!

  • Keno Shundale says:

    U need to watch on youtube Hitler: The greatest story never told.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    Lance, Dr. Ramona, Talaya… you guys have yourselves a wonderful Sunday
    evening and a terrific Monday thru Friday. God bless!

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    Keep in mind, what the Jews have done and what Indians have done… we USED
    TO DO. The Civil Rights Movement led us astray. Integration has destroyed
    American Black sovereignty. With regards to the long-term, Booker T. was
    right. W.E.B. was wrong.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    I’d rather be a monkey or a blackie than to be of the synagogue of satan.

  • yolandairene says:

    They will take away their pension. It has been done in the past and will be
    done again. So many companies steal just look at Enron etc etc and all
    those people believed.

  • yolandairene says:

    I have seen West Indian blacks defending the Jews all the time they love
    living in the same neighborhood , working for them etc. I am not surprised
    by what happened to him he should have taped recorded them how silly can
    you be when the started off calling you names.

  • Ms.BlackWallStreet says:

    I got jumped on for saying we need to separate. This generation of
    students shouldn’t have to graduate with degrees only to be at the mercy of
    people who do not like us/feel it is ok to disrespect us. Thanks for the
    message, Lance.

  • Jack Gully says:

    I wonder if the ADL will defend this black bus driver

  • Valerie says:

    It has been my experience that Jews are embracing toward African Americans.
    I really feel like there has been negativity in the media making efforts to
    cause division in this country. I am not denying need for improvement
    amongst small minded racist people, and huge disparity, especially in
    police departments. There have been huge strides toward healing racial
    divide over the past 20 years. I am depressed because the majority of
    whites, blacks, Jews, Asians etc are making efforts to resolve these issues
    and we are now moving backwards. #i love everyone!


  • The Rookie Seeks says:


  • Gatta Harmon says:


  • ksan30 says:

    So right…never gonna change those types of people. Fortunately, some of
    us Negros (and they know) their/our true identities! Divine justice is
    coming! I agree. Quit running after those who hate you! There are jobs out
    there and one doesn’t have to be degraded. Start your own! My grandparents
    always said that integration was the WORST thing to happen to blacks. After
    all, a law won’t change the soul and feelings of a person. That’s a
    spiritual thing! Shalom, Brother!

  • 1984bandito says:

    You are right. Seperate to SURVIVE and THRIVE!!!!!!!!!

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