Most Black Christians Are Scared Punks – The LanceScurv Show

I must speak my truth at the risk of being hated at all costs because I believe that one who stands on what they see to be truth will always transition to find the Most High pleased with his or her walk.

While many might not understand the passion in which I speak, I’m quite sure after living life in this world they will quickly understand where I’m coming from when it comes to the subject of Christians who in actuality not the bold warriors of truth that they claim to be.

I decided to speak on it in a more intense and unrestricted manner because our collective Black psyche has been degraded and has fallen to new lows in and out of the church and I’m seeing no action to correct this doomed trajectory only a bunch of blind religious so nothings telling the world that they are “waiting on the Lord!”

Might there be a direct correlation between our lack of collective progress as Black people and our lack of progress when you factor in the good and the not so good of us?

Is there a reason that many others continue to outperform us in many vast areas of expertise knowing that we are the original masters of the civilized world that taught every other race and culture how to live on a higher level?

This thing called modern day Christianity has us locked down in a non productive state stagnating and regressing fast because we have been made to be mind controlled zombies.

We will always remain as zombies because we chase a religion that does nothing for us while running away scared from the true spirituality that the oppressor feels that we’ll rediscover that will literally chance our downtrodden condition overnight!

He has taught you to be afraid to delve within yourself to heed the callings of the GOD in you which won’t ever resonate with the exploration of Black people the way that Christianity favors.

This is why the most hateful racist White man will always give a little more leeway to one who buck dances, screams and shouts about their sweet White Baby Jesus over any man or woman who rejects such foolishness in working hard to live a life as a fearless individual who knows God for themselves.

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