The Black Church & The Strip Joint: Why Is It So Hard To Tell The Difference? – The LanceScurv Show

LanceScurv &’s Marcellus McMillian enjoy an in depth long winding conversation speaking on the hypocrisy and buffoonery of the Black Church as well as other related points that were very entertaining.

This is a conversation that was inevitable because these days it’s getting tougher to differentiate between a praise team and a Twerk Team!

Please voice your opinions in the comment area below so we can continue our dialogue with all. God bless.


Twerking In Church


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  • jdareyah says:

    When you have read the scriptures all the way through multiple times,
    written it, read Josephus, Philo, Lost books, etc,etc,etc…it is very easy
    to spot those who have never read it, by simple listening to them speak.
    Everyone love to claim/pretend they have read/understand scriptures, but
    when they open their mouth and start speaking they show they full of shit.

    When pp say we are not under the law, then why are we/ the children of
    Yisrael aka so called black in the lands of our slavery fulfilling the
    curses that Yah gave us in the “law”?
    Not under the law, but Yahusua lived it and did everything in perfectly,
    the reason why he was sinless…..For sin is transgressing the “law” aka
    disobeying Yahweh. 1John 3:4

    This and many other things like they dont know who Yisrael is, they promote
    Christianity/ religion, think the masyah is coming at any time and to
    redeem a religion, etc all show they have never read scripture nor do they
    understand it

  • MrChance888666 says:


  • MrChance888666 says:


  • Alice Snow says:

    Yes this is what I have been saying for the last few years. Even on the Word Network and some of the other Christian networks, some of the”so called Evangelist”look more worldly looking with their long weave on, false eyelashes, and tight dresses on just like the worldly women. What does a new woman supposed to think who just got saved. I emailed a certain network and told them that I was withdrawing my financial support, because they apparently are not serving the same God as myself. Jesus told us that every one who says”Lord, Lord”is not of God…..

  • DinBomani Quomijah says:


  • Keith Collins says:

    The Black Church & The Strip Joint: Why Is It So …:

  • Bloombaby99 says:

    The biggest freaks are in the church.

  • Italian'sbestfriendgamers says:


  • Addisu Werku says:

    In fact, you are speaking of yourself as being the “fundamental” false prophet/preacher. U take his word OUT OF CONTEXT and not only that you don’t even know what you’re talking about. I hope you’ll repent of your sin against that holy and just man of God and be saved BEFORE it is TOO LATE…

  • Rev. Gerald Palmer says:

    Hmm, anything with humans will be flawed. I think we are setting ourselves
    up for disappointment and failure if we are going into church thinking that
    it is the only place that is not touch by the human condition. Oh yes the
    church should be held to a higher standard; yet we should not operate under
    a mindset of naivety. I made that mistake when I was a new into the
    ministry. The world around us has thieves, the sexually progressive, the
    liars as well as the good doers. The church is not free from any of these.
    You do need leadership that will be able to acknowledge this and who have
    the heart and apathy for the people.

    What I have found is that we out of our own nature are drawn to
    leadership/churches that are like minded as us as individuals. People who
    have a dysfunctional out of church life will stay and are drawn to a
    dysfunctional church life. People who feel as though they serve a bully God
    and that they deserve the hell on earth that they are living will stay in a
    church under a bully pulpit. Many black LGBT people especially black gay
    men do this.

    I believe that in the black community it is a waste of energy and time
    pointing out pimps in the pulpit. I can name the names of the many who have
    been shown to be P.I.T.P.s and yet their churches stay full.

    I truly believe that the black church is not dead but the traditional way
    of how we do church disgusts me.

    I see churches full with black faces and so are the unemployment lines. I
    see churches full of black faces and so are health disparities in America.
    I see churches full of black faces and so are the numbers of those who
    commit and are the victims of violent gun related crimes.
    I see churches full of black faces and so are the numbers of those who are
    murdered who also happen to be transgender.
    I see churches full of black faces and so are the numbers of children who
    are living in poverty in America.
    I see churches full of black faces and so are the numbers of children who
    are struggling in failing public schools.

    I really don’t get caught up in the puritan ritual of morality policing and
    sexual repression. The black church is forever stuck on that. Hmm… I
    have more thoughts but this aint my blog. LOL

  • MrLiveyourlife66 says:

    Black people…, all people just need to get themselves together. Spiritual
    & physically, ect. The conspiracy theories are just talk and
    assumptions….excuses. If we know better we got to do better. If Cosby
    actually did wrong, let the evidence prove it, truth will come to light.
    Micheal Brown and Trayvons Martins murders will be simply deal with by God.
    If you believe God, what really worry is there that someone will get away,
    or vengeance. We however do need to try our best to prevent the abuses,
    mistreatment, and harm to one another. Quit conspiracy theories, make the
    necessary changes in your life through building a spiritual life, with a
    relationship with God & enjoy your life to the fullest. Also we have to
    stop with the everything with things will get worse, that kind of mindset
    is this? If god is here to help people improve & to live to the fullest,
    how can we believe that he is not powerful enough to make things better.
    But maybe it starts with the mind and what we choose to believe. If I trust
    in God for peace and happiness I will never let anybody hover over me with
    a doomsday attitude.

  • Diamondgirl08 says:

    I disagree with the speaker that said you are better off at home with your
    bible. There are bad churches and better churches ( no perfect ones) you
    have lost people in all churches and I believe most people go to church
    because they want to connect to God and also to people and Jesus said to
    fellowship with your sisters and brothers.

    If the church you are attending is not right for you well find another
    church. Jesus said be fishers of men, how can you do that if you stay home
    with your Bible? It’s safer, it’s easier, but you are not being Salt and
    Light which as Christians we are suppose to be…just my humble opinion.

  • LanceScurv says:
  • Jack Gully says:

    4:00 – did she say Christ came to set the world (The Israelites) free from
    the LAW? If so, she’s DEAD WRONG. We are still UNDER THE LAW. Only thing
    have changed is being put to death on the spot, sacrificing animals for
    sins, and multiple wives. Everything else stays the same.

  • Lisa Barry says:

    Does anyone know what lighting Tanya uses ?? Its absolutely amazing !!!

  • Kaylee Moraine says:

    Work dat shit YASSS you did great

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