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Why is it that when a grassroots movement starts out strong in the Black community, law enforcement and meddlers from other races pay absolutely no attention to it – after initially making sure it isn’t a threat to their White Supremacist agenda – until it begins to gain traction to become a force in the community in which it attempts to enlighten? Only then will the agents arrive to attempt to infiltrate the movement to either bring it to a screeching halt or to change the trajectory of it by bringing an agenda to it that wasn’t originally intended?

Brother Keston speaks on why it is extremely important to remain true to one’s original Mission Statement and to never compromise your people’s uprising in exchange for the ego inflating favor that the enemy will offer in his world. Sacrifice is the key to maintain one’s drive as well as having absolutely no desire in the symbolic baubles and rubies that the enemy will attempt to intoxicate your better judgment with. STAY FOCUSED, UNCOMPROMISED & INDEPENDENT!

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