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We will be traveling making use of Black inventions (Garret A. Morgan, inventor of the stop light) and encountering many other Black cultural productions being used by others to induce us to make them richer… but not only will we be giving them money because of their control of physical property that we want, but we will be giving them money because of intellectual property that we created, but have no clue what we have done or given away. Generally speaking:

1. A patent is the intellectual property created when a unique process or invention is created. Garret A. Morgan invented the stop light, but with that he also created an intellectual property for himself.

2. A trademark is the intellectual property created in the value of a particular brand name or design – FUBU comes to mind.

3. A copyright is the intellectual property created whenever anyone creates a song, a piece of visual art, a work of poetry, non-fiction, or fiction writing.

Other people make millions on our purchase of physical property, but they make uncounted billions on the control of our intellectual property – intellectual property that we continually give away without knowing what we are doing! And in no way do we do this more than in the field of music.

Your Song Is Your Song… But Much More

When you create that song, you are creating a copyright for yourself – an intellectual property that you can sell just one time but millions of times, as digital downloads or physical forms. Unless you give the right in this property away, you alone have the right to copy it (hence, copyright), display it, perform it, produce it, and distribute it, and these rights belong to you and your heirs for your lifetime plus 70 years. The only limit to how many copyrights you can own is how creative your are… the ownership of is the only true equal right in the United States of America. However, with all the great music Black people have created, the knowledge of how to use intellectual property has been kept from the masses, and the music industry adopted systems that are very similar to what our ancestors endured under the sharecropping system. The result is the same as it has been throughout U.S. History: the descendants of Africa who produced the most wealth in the music industry are still the poorest community in the country, while others enjoy the massive wealth created.

What Should We Do Now, Black Musicians?

First, stop thinking like a slave – stop thinking that the only thing worth getting is a few dimes from “Mass” while he makes BILLIONS on the little he will LOAN you for control of your intellectual properties! Second, learn what copyright is and protect it, beginning with registering it with the U.S. Copyright Office and then with performance rights agencies so your money can find you. Third, avoid trouble with the industry by learning how to LEGALLY use other people’s music, how to handle sampling, and how to find free music that you can use for your projects. Fourth, look for independent opportunities by which you can build a SUSTAINABLE income, not a mass fortune.

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April 3, 2018 4:37 PM

To the Daymond John of Fubu. Editor from More magazine Jonny Lichtenstein recently got involved in dangerous coraption business with crazy CBS anchor Otis Livingston to steal money from Fubu company employees bank accounts nevert trust Jonny Lichtenstein and Otis Livingston they nothing but crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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