Black Girl Uploads Photo To Twitter Before Getting An Abortion – How Low Can We Go?

Whoever thought the day would come when getting an abortion would be viewed as just another task in the day like getting the oil changed on your car?

Earlier today while checking my Social Media messages I noticed a picture posted up for all to see by my dear friend Rippa. No, it wasn’t his photo or anything that had anything to do with him but it was merely a forwarded photo that he wanted to get some responses for due to its controversial and shocking nature.

What was the picture all about you ask? Well, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and I believe that it would be best to SHOW you what I saw because there is no way that I could describe to you what I saw better than you seeing it for yourself!

So, without further adieu I suggest that you check out this disgusting scenario below…….

Abortion Hoochie

Isn’t THAT something?

I mean, this “chick” thinks nothing of posting a picture of herself in the abortion clinic right before the procedure of killing her baby just the same way that she would probably post a photo of herself at the dentists office getting ready to have her tooth pulled.

Did you read the caption to this picture?

“Bout to get this abortion done”

So many questions ran through my head after viewing this and my mind went all over the place too.

Who were her followers on Twitter and how did they feel when they saw this?

Is this something that she has gotten accustomed to doing, hence, the cavalier attitude like it’s a regular part of her schedule…….

Does the father of this soon to be killed child know that she is about to do the unthinkable?

Does she even know WHO the father is?

How old is she and if she isn’t as young as she might look does she even care that her family sees this?

I could go on and on forever but the bottom line is that we are so desensitized as a society and have no respect for the sanctity of life regardless if it’s our own or our unborn child.

Unborn Baby

Children to many young mothers these days are circumstantial, they’re just something that goes along with “the game” of screwing around with whomever you wish. These young girls speak a different language these days because when they speak of their former sex partners they will say that they used to “talk” to him!


Then I guess according to this new way of communicating talking is an act that can get one pregnant! But notice how they attempt to minimize the true relationship as though it were a casual conversation. I guess then that a few of them were unfortunate enough to acquire full blown aids because they happened to “talk” to the wrong person and the wrong time!

Now I’m not blaming the entire female population because most women, no matter WHAT the circumstances in their life would ever think of doing such a thing. I have seen some real troopers out here who have crossed my path in this world who have truly held things down for their child/children with little or next to nothing and seen it through to where their children are successful in life now and couldn’t have done it at all if it weren’t for that Mother who loved them from birth to adulthood.

Why am I going off like this?

Well look at the picture, now maybe I’m wrong but even if this young monster of a female had things really hard in her life and wasn’t able to provide for her child, things couldn’t have been THAT BAD since she has a damn smart phone in her hand! She evidently has SOME access to funds whether she generated it or not.

Upon a closer observation it appears that she has a nice cover on her phone so she can’t tell me that she is truly destitute at all. Now allow me to mention that I do NOT condone ANYONE to consider abortion as a answer to the dilemma of not having the proper resources to raise ones child. I am merely channeling the mindset of those to whom I cross paths everyday while driving my bus because even if this photo is fixed or Photoshopped, it STILL speaks on a huge dilemma that is going on in epidemic proportions in the poor Black neighborhoods across the land and no one seems to be addressing it intensely enough in order for us to get up and make some kind of change in the tide that our communities are finding themselves in.

Too many of our young mothers just drag their children around in public as though they are a liability and a burden that merely keeps them from going to the next party on the upcoming weekend. I’m so tired of seeing a child neglected and dirty in public with their mother who sports a brand new hairstyle freshly done along with the nails and makeup as they brag to their friends on the phone about how sexy the outfit is that they just purchase all the while their baby is tapping them for what seems to be an eternity because they are trying to tell her that they are hungry.

“Mommy I want Mac-Don-Noessss!”

Black Kids at McDonalds

…….and when their mother finally hers what their child is saying they will reply with “I ain’t got no God-Damn money for McDonalds! Find yo’ Daddy and get it from him!”

Many of our young babies are growing up with their heads messed up all because they were unfortunate enough to come into this world through the loins of a pleasure seeking hedonistic ignorant lazy narcissistic hoochie mama ‘hood mentality possessing chick who has committed herself in this life to being nothing more than a glorified sperm receptacle while never seeing the sanctity of her divine womanhood given to her by God Himself!

The babies get in the way of their hooker game so they must be aborted. HOW SICK!

So as it goes if you ain’t gettin’ paid then you better get rid of it and this is what it has become in this year of 2013. Back in the day we had many issues and challenges to overcome but never could we have ever imagined that our communities would spawn a low down mentality such as this.

But look at she even had the nerve to hike up her left leg on the top of the garbage can as though she was ready to catch a hard penis from behind. Is this the only area of life where our young females feel they have any worth or power? I guess since this poor waste of life doesn’t feel any hope in HER life she feels it is just fine to not allow the life placed in her to come into this world either. I mean, that aborted child might have grown up to cure cancer or AIDS. We really don’t know what we are doing when we live haphazardly for self and pleasure alone. And it seems that with every passing generation things seem to be getting worse.

African American Female Doctor

But that photo sure tells us a lot about this person and where she feels her value lies. These days, it’s all about the domineering power of the sex they can throw on a man not knowing that they are cheapening their worth and lowering their self esteem with every passing day.

Sure, their little narrow minds may really think that they are doing something big but since there is nothing new under the sun they will find out when the parties are over and they grow up to see that life is not about the trivial things that they felt were so important. But until then, you cannot tell them anything!

Abortion Protest

They will continue to do what they want and look for an easy way out when things get tight. And many will follow this chicks lead when THEY go to the abortion clinic and it will probably become something very fashionable to do in the near future.

But the cycle continues as we speak…….

…….and just like in her photo up the top of this blog, she’ll cock her butt up so that another useless clown will spray up in her ensuring that she will return for another abortion! Hell! There was a time when a young lady (Which she is not!) was ashamed at being pregnant and not married or prepared financially to raise their child properly. Now these days you see these young hoochies sporting their bellies defiantly in public as though they accomplished something admirable!

Then to upload a picture right before an abortion?

On Judgment Day God should allow her to take her last social media picture where say can state: “I’m ’bout to take this trip down to Hell y’all! See you there soon!”

What will it be next Dear Lord?

I take that back, I really don’t want to know!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your “Formerly Unshockable” Brother,


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November 16, 2016 12:05 PM

Unfortunately when abortion is a legal option it gets easier to preach in favor of promiscuity, for those who misunderstand the meaning of the word ‘freedom’. They think ‘female freedom’ is equal to ‘sexual promiscuity’. It is sad to see it happening in some American black neighborhoods as it would be anywhere else as a matter of fact. I’m from Brazil, and here abortion is illegal, so many young teens resist starting sexual activity afraid of getting pregnant. But our major TV network ‘Rede Globo’ is trying its best to induce these young teens to become sexual active. They create teen soap operas like ‘Malhação’ where teens are doing sex all the time, without any bad consequences. This TV network and other mass media groups keep pushing for abortion legalization in Brazil, so when a teen girl says: ‘I’m afraid of getting pregnant’ they can say: ‘No problem. If you get pregnant you can go and get an abortion’ as if it was something like a pill for a cold.
I guess this path we see our Western society following is a good indication of the same decadence ancient societies experienced.

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April 24, 2013 7:08 PM

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January 23, 2013 10:38 PM

What a disgusting, dumb nigger. They are the reason for abortions.

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