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Las Vegas, NEVADA (January 2018). Hip Hop artist turned 2nd amendment activist, Maj Toure, attends Shot Show and announces newest initiative, National License To Carry Day. While attending Shot Show, Toure will begin spreading the word about his newest initiative designed to get members of the 2A community to support as many “newbies” as possible with applying for their licenses to carry on May 21st, which Toure is coining National License to Carry Day. May 21st is the anniversary of the first Black Guns Matter class held in North Philadelphia as a grassroots license to carry drive.

Toure is calling on all firearm instructors, gun ranges, gun stores, firearm collectors, hunters, and concerned citizens to get involved with supporting their local communities to participate in National License to Carry Day. By introducing the opportunity for “newbies” to apply for their license to carry all on the same day, Toure believes that we can increase proper firearm education and build a stronger, more diverse, 2nd amendment community. He is asking “gun guys” and “gun girls” to consider using May 21st, National License to Carry Day, as an opportunity to reduce fees, offer free classes, cover licensing costs, and even accompany community members to their local licensing units.

Maj Toure/Black Guns Matter is currently on a 50 states tour across the country teaching firearm safety in urban communities. The free workshops include firearm safety demonstrations, role plays, and Q&A discussions with experts including NRA certified instructors, lawyers, conflict resolution specialists, and advocates. The Black Guns Matter tour has travelled to urban communities including Baltimore, Atlanta, Houston, Compton, Oakland, Miami, Phoenix, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Detroit, New Orleans, Grand Rapids, Memphis, and Chicago, with ongoing classes continuing in North Philadelphia.

The Black Gun Matter Tour is funded by people from across the country through a GOFUNDME campaign that has raised $140k of an $150,000 goal in the last 18 months.

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