From Dhoruba Bin-Wahad (Original Panther 21 and Political Prisoner.)
He spent 18 yrs imprisoned on false charges as a casualty of the United States War on the Black Movement…aka COINTELPRO).
Read Dhoruba’s commentary below:
“How is it that a Black lawyer who hasn’t won a case yet, from Travon Martin to today is always the go to attorney whenever a Black person is gratuitously murdered by Pigs in Blue costumes? He’s the one every body tweets, email, and the Mainstream media seeks out to explain and place in political context what ever is on video capturing the latest police shooting.
He rode in on the coat-tails of an Ecumenical FBI snitch who once chased ambulances to earlier police shootings but has since become somewhat of Black Democratic King maker and master of organizing mass leadership by victim-hood, and adept at giving fiery eulogies at funerals for slain victims of Police murder that sound good – but like over spicy fried frozen chicken still has blood on the bone.
Sadly, at this historical moment that is what Black outrage has been reduced to: Leadership by apolitical victims of Police murder, Pork chop Preachers giving eulogies, and Black neo-liberal politicians touting meaningless reform, while Guilt shaming Black voters to endorse a born-again racist along with a hair done, nails done, and Politics done former flat-foot hustling Law Enforcement Ho for leaders of American Empire! Now all we need is another Hashtag movement – @Keep Killing Us – Until You Tired”

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