Is Black Manhood Slowly Being Redefined Right Up Under Our Noses?

Is Black Manhood Slowly Being Redefined Right Up Under Our Noses?

…….or am I just some kind of romantic relic of a long gone time stuck in the past that will never ever return again?

Or maybe I’m right on point with my observation speaking for those who are afraid to because they just might lose their positions on a job or on a corporate board somewhere who would never tolerate them speaking out on what is oh so obvious.

I’m one who seriously believes that the television and internet are two big fat mass media tools of hypnosis that are slowly massaging the thought into our minds that everything evil and degenerate are acceptable and fair seeming.

I remember seeing Sidney Poitier on the television and his strong portrayal of a man of class and dignity would knock one down with its raw power regardless what race the viewers were.

Sidney Portier

His mannerisms were what Kings were made of and his bold steps inspired a nation of Black men who were mentally downtrodden to pick their heads up with dignity even if they never finished elementary school or had a job that was able to cover all of his basic family needs.

I remember also seeing as a child growing up so many strong Black men in my community that set some very influential examples of what we should aspire to simply by their presence in our lives.

This could have been the next door neighbor, the garbage man, the local doctor or any one of the multitudes of professional men who were a strong presence in our houses of worship. And this is not to forget our own Fathers at home who made so much a difference and a major contribution to our lives in a way that we could never pay them back.

Muhammad Ali

Yes, we had some bad apples, but it wasn’t to the point where that was all that was seen in our world as the majority of what influenced us for the most part was all good.

There was also a respect that EVERYONE had when in the presence of the women, children and the elderly. The drunkards knew how to clean themselves up and at least try to wear that old suit when it came time to arriving at a funeral to pay their respects. Even they had sense even though it was the only suit he had, it was all love.

I remember seeing the illegal numbers runners curb their dirty language when the older church ladies slowly walked by after service to greet them in such a respectable manner and to slip them a few 20 dollar bills in order to help them make it through the week because their income was fixed.

Church Ladies

I remember seeing those so called bad apples in the old neighborhood but in a sense they had more respect for the sanctity of community more than the media sharks today have for us because of the way we are exploited.

But I remember seeing the good things as a child and something special was transmitted to my subconscious mind and activated in my heart immediately.

I didn’t know what it was or how to explain it, but it was a good thing for me and a bad thing for someone out here for sure.

But watch the game today being played on our minds, you’ve got movies like 12 Years A Slave, Django and Son Of Man for example, 12 Years and Django have won countless awards given by the dominate culture here in America because that’s where they want to see us back again.

12 Years A Slave

We as Black people are the dumbest asses to embrace this brainwashing bull-crap as having made it when in fact Hollywood gets off on showing us at the lowest and worst point in our history!

…….and the movie Son Of Man is just another way to get us to see God as White all over again!


If Hollywood truly wanted to make an impact on the conscience Black mind – and yes, I do know that their first priority is to make money and recoup their initial financial investment – why not make a movie on Nat Turner?

Why not make a movie on the Maroon Rebellions in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica to show how General Cudjoe (Google him, because you most likely will never hear of him in your European schools of indoctrination!) ran the Whites who were slave masters out of the mountains with techniques that the world later called Guerrilla Warfare?


Why not show us in our glory before slavery with a culture that was the precursor to everything that the Greeks and Romans had in philosophy, science and the arts.

They wont show you that but they will be so quick to never show us at full strength as Black men unless we’re wearing a dress, a pink suit or being portrayed as some kind of animalistic frothing at the mouth thug.

Show us in our full light and project us out into the world as fully developed God fearing men of wisdom and knowledge.

Why is that too hard to do?

Maybe it’s because the more ignorant and downtrodden of us just might begin to follow those strong examples and begin to loosen the chains of mental oppression and not be the fuel to keep your very profitable prisons full.

This also goes for the medical companies who stay paid very well who need for us to continue to contract HIV at such high rates therefore needing the medications that you gladly sell us to stay alive.

HIV Drugs

If you think that I’m off the topic of Black manhood by speaking on these issues then think again!

While we may have endured and come out of the obvious part of one struggle that gives others the fuel to say that it is all now in the past then think again!

We as Black men are targeted in a far more lethal covert plan to wipe us off the face of the earth and free world completely unless it is to be a watered down docile man that is controlled and preserved only to serve a culture that will never want to see us at full strength!

While it is a fact that a community can rise no higher than the condition of its woman, we must also understand that a race of people cannot advance at all without the raw pure unadulterated presence of its man!

…….and I know the pink suit comment is going to gather lots of scathing words in my inbox from so many Gay Black men but let me ask you this and I mean this seriously: If we are the minority here in America at roughly 13% of the population then why have we become the face of Gay America and why don’t you see just as many Jews in drag who publicly proclaim Judaism while tongue kissing their man while holding a Torah in their hand?

Rupaul - In & Out Of Drag

Why are they behind the camera, owning the studios and creating these shows to feminize our young men subconsciously setting them up for a future as one who won’t even think about creating a family and under-girding a strong community because their main concern will be getting with someone else who they can never procreate with?

Let’s see some more Jewish homosexual images being broadcast over the networks since they make so much damn money over painting us as effeminate out of proportion to what we really are to the core.

The State has become the head of our households raising the families headed by a single Black Mother while these mentally sick women will bitterly say that “I don’t need no man to make it in this world, I can do it all by myself!”

…….and yes, some women HAVE done it all by themselves and for those who have, many are miserable to the core because deep down they wish they had a decent man (Not a damn thug!) that they can call their own and make the push for success so much more easier.

So many of our own Sisters have deleted us from their mind from ever being a potential mate because of the hurt and disappointment that they’ve had to endure coupled with the exposure that they’ve been subjected to in the media that strongly suggest that Black men are just no good.

Angry Black Woman

Everywhere you turn in America as a decent law abiding God fearing upward thinking Black man you are looked at like a damn ghost and for those who are so foolish to do so the validation games will begin…….

White men do not have to prove time and time again who they are or the depth of character that they possess, because it is already assumed that their existence up until this point is pristine and flawless.

But when a Black man with a perfect record – work history and criminal – appears for a job or to inquire about the purchase of a home or any other transactions that normal people do, here come the endless streams of questions and looks of doubt as a Black man with a clean background JUST CAN’T BE!

Idris Elba

So many will jump through the extra hoops just to get in a position where they have to do twice as much merely to get half, and that goes in every level of our existence here in Amerikkka and many of our younger Brothers have been too blinded to see this.

So where are we to go as upstanding Black men?

Why does it seem like WE are the ones who are unacceptable as the agenda pushes forward to emasculate us and act as though there aren’t any good Black men in existence?

And yes, I do understand that there are SOME positive images of Black men being put out there but overall I believe that it’s paper thin.


It’s almost like getting riddled with 50 bullets and being handed an aspirin by the doctor afterward and expecting that to do the trick!

But it’s truly sad that after all that we have gone through as a people to come to this point and allow the heads of our community and culture slowly get cut off right before our very eyes while there is no sense of urgency to turn things around by the masses of our people.

Black people as a whole and as a collective have become like that chicken whose head was cut off and allowed to run free as death took over its body as it ran, kicked and bucked before finally succumbing to the fact that no head was present.


Our head is being cut off as we speak and until we realize that we must immediately stop that wicked hand from completing its task then we are witnessing yet another race of people slide down the slippery slope to becoming a distant memory for the history books to share.

But some of us love and trust these demons so much that we will willingly follow them to slaughter with a smile on our faces as we’ve forgotten what they have done to an entire nation of Native Americans!

So go on and escape into your cyber world of illusion and see reality in any way that you wish, it will not change the fact that we are on a sinking ship.

So worship your smartphones!

Get that next hit of whiskey and crack!

Make some more babies to run away from!

Go jerk off to some porn and continue to see our Sisters as objects of lust and not real people!

We’ve got to unscrew our heads out of this deadly mindset and begin once again to restore the mind of the Black man so he can take his rightful place as the head of the household just like the other races of men have done.

But why is it so unacceptable for us to do this? You’ve got to ask yourself THAT question!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Ranting Fearless Brother,



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