BLACK PANTHER: Black People’s Final Meal Before The Kill? – The LanceScurv Show

Anyone of us who has their Third Eye opened even just a little will overstand how the enemy laces his expressions with signs and symbols to give us an indication of what he has planned in the near and far distant future for the world around him.

It’s in his nature and he cannot help it. Look at his currency and the symbolism that is all over it. Look at the secret handshakes, code words and icons that help him to identify those kindred to him right up under his nose without you even realizing it if you were never schooled to his covert ways.

He gets a thrill out of it and he just can’t help it.

While I have heard nothing but rave reviews on the new Black Panther movie. I wouldn’t be so quick to think that it was a victory for Black People just yet no matter how much of a feel good moment it appears to be.

Not everything that appears to be good may in actuality might not be good!

Are we being lulled into sleep from a different angle in order to drop our guard in the same manner of a well fed chicken feels before the kill?

In my humble opinion this is a textbook execution straight out of the pages of “The Art Of War” without a doubt!

Hollywood approves it after a lifetime of giving the world material to make Black People look foolish, animalistic and sub-human. So what is up their sleeves that would make them change now? Remember and never forget the symbolism of last years hit movie “Get Out!”

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