THE BLACK PENIS: That Dangerous Weapon Of GENETIC ANNIHILATION! – The LanceScurv Show

Brother Keston comes out swinging with the truth without restraint to wake up the masses of those who are asleep. For those who arrived to this conversation feeling as though the title of this show was an indication of something sexual in nature, you will be quite surprised to discover the opposite. The Black Penis is a symbolic concept as well as something that is quite tangible and very much feared. Brother Keston and yours truly have explained in this segment what this means to the stronghold of White Supremacy and what must be done in order to defeat its effect on your life.

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THE BLACK PENIS: That Dangerous Weapon Of GENETIC ANNIHILATION! (AUDIO) - The LanceScurv Show


Here is a partial scroll of the live stream chat room as the conversation transpired:

thaddeus wendell brown​preach sir

Seven 7 Seven​ @ LanceScurv. Me too. I am working on my exit/runaway plan from the plantation also.

Lodown Raidio​ Peace family

LanceScurv​Peace Lodown!!!

Seven 7 Seven​ @ Lowdown Raidio. Hello.

Nat Turner​ Sugar heads are the new crack heads!

AKIL2016​teach God

Bernice Gooding ​the hair God gave is beautiful

LanceScurv ​Exactly Nat!!!!

pinkmotorcycle​ Materialistic World

LanceScurv ​Peace AKIL

Seven 7 Seven​ Anything that The Most High gives us is good. Good hair vs. bad hair was just another delineator comparable to the field Slave and the House Slave.

Elijah Williams ​I always say Jesus had to be black or some minority because he was marginalized oppressed hated discriminated, etc

Seven 7 Seven​ @ Elijah Williams. That is a good point.

Nat Turner ​I couldn’t imagine not being black. I love my melanin!

Seven 7 Seven​ @ Nat Turner. Me too.

Elijah Williams​ Trust no man

Elijah Williams​ Trust in the Lord alone

Bernice Gooding​ stop eating the garbage ?

Elijah Williams​ I had to come back this topic too important

Nat Turner​Seven 7 Seven: Thank God for your melanin.

Seven 7 Seven​ @ Nat Turner. Believe me…I do! When I was younger I use to question why I was born Black. Now I understand I am part of the Chosen and I am so so good with my melanin.

Elijah Williams​ Preach

Elijah Williams​ Amen with the TV on

Elijah Williams​ Get rid of the TV

Elijah Williams Open the Bible

Bernice Gooding​ who sleeps with the TV on ?

Seven 7 Seven ​I very seldom watch the tell-a-lie-vision.

Nat Turner ​Seven 7 Seven I too would wonder and question, now, I embrace it, I receive it, I LOVE IT! ❤️

Bernice Gooding ​never empty your mind

Michael Beasley Jr​ Scurvin, what’s up

LanceScurv Michael!!!! My Brother!!!

Elijah Williams​ That’s what I say…Puppet for Satan or Puppet for Christ

Nat Turner ​Elijah Williams: I’m a child of the King!

Elijah Williams​ What is on TV that I would want to watch? Waste of time. I’m trying to improve on life. Live life abundantly. TV can be a drug

Bernice Gooding ​tv is a drug

Bernice Gooding ​it’s addictive

Michael Beasley Jr​ Bro he really speaking the real deal truth

Elijah Williams ​Financially emotionally spiritually improve- if it’s not improving it’s a waste of time. And I’m done trying to convince other people as well.

Seven 7 Seven​ Brother Keston is truly speaking he truth. Be the adjustable wrench.

Bernice Gooding​ how many of us are really determined to wake up

Nat Turner ​I want to be that Swiss Army Knife!

Elijah Williams​ Live under Adam or Live under Christ.

Seven 7 Seven​ That’s right Brother Keston.

Elijah Williams​ Amen. The Word says people can hear but the won’t understand…..the parable of the seeds…it depends on where the “seeds” land

Seven 7 Seven ​There will ALWAYS be a group of step -n- fetchers. Some who refuse to wake up.

Nat Turner ​Keep teaching Brotha Keston! If you’re not listening, you’re not learning! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

Elijah Williams ​I used to trust in education- never ever again

Elijah Williams​ I trust only in God to lead me where I need to be

Seven 7 Seven​ @ Elijah Williams. Me too. Unfortunately it was after I graduated with my EdD. A waste of time and money.

Bernice Gooding​ the devil always puts snares to catch us

Nat Turner​ And those who are free, are free in deed.

Elijah Williams​ Yep and I’ve learned don’t say anything. The truth will be the truth in the end. U don’t have to do anything – because the truth will always stand and come out

Seven 7 Seven​ Preach Brother Keston!!!

Elijah Williams​ If you sincerely seek God through His Word- you will find the truth, freedom, and peace of God

Seven 7 Seven​ My ‘so-called’ education has only made me a target because the pink man/woman is threatened and/or jealous.

Elijah Williams ​No one but the Holy Spirit can lead you to God. No man can

Elijah Williams​ My friend is getting her EdD but it’s for her own foundation she setup

Elijah Williams ​She has her finance degree and MBA

Elijah Williams​ The Lord cannot be contained. He is not in a box. You will NEVER know the mind of God

Seven 7 Seven​ @ Elijah Williams That was my plan also but I have an exit/runaway from the plantation plan so I have to work in corporate america … for now.

Elijah Williams​ My people perish from lack of knowledge

AKIL2016 ​Brother Lance you’re on point about the Creator

Seven 7 Seven ​The Black penis ain’t no joke!

LanceScurv​ Thanks Akil…..

AKIL2016 ​Facts

AKIL2016 ​Real Rap

AKIL2016​ You’re Welcome God

Seven 7 Seven ​We are the original people of the Earth!

Nat Turner​ White people fear genetic initiation.

Seven 7 Seven​ That is why every else wants the Black seed. It is powerful.

Nat Turner ​POWERFUL!!!!!

Seven 7 Seven​ We are the progenitors of humankind.

thaddeus wendell brown ​true lance

Seven 7 Seven ​The jesus look. ??

AKIL2016​ Sister Welsing and Brother Fuller genetic annihilation breakdown is dope

Nat Turner ​Every time I see a hue-less individual in my community a call 9-1-1 for a suspicious character prowling around. ?

Seven 7 Seven ​??

Elijah Williams ​@Seven 7 Seven we have to work in corporate to get our money up- we don’t have the benefit of having financial stability as most black from families with money. I was just thinking of that today.

Seven 7 Seven ​@ LanceScurv and the church lady ???

Elijah Williams​ Some whites have financial backing from their parents etc to have money. Work corporate for you and your needs and discard them ASAP

Seven 7 Seven​ @ Elijah Williams. Yes!

AKIL2016 ​facts

AKIL2016​ facts

Seven 7 Seven ​[message retracted]

Elijah Williams ​Have that conviction for Christ

Seven 7 Seven​ Why did my message disappear? ?

AKIL2016 ​plaxico shit we did it to ours

AKIL2016​ ourselves

Elijah Williams​ Wow Lance u real angry at the church

Elijah Williams​ What church house u been too?

Seven 7 Seven​ Overfeed but spiritually undernourished. That is good @ LanceScurv.

Elijah Williams​ The church is the body of Christ- the people- not the building. People don’t understand that

AKIL2016​ real talk

AKIL2016​ this is church

Elijah Williams​ When I worship in Spirit and Truth I always always always want service to continue Amen

Elijah Williams​ Not thinking of eating hardly…I’m spiritually fed

Seven 7 Seven​ @ Elijah Williams I do not go to church because I realized it is a for-profit gimmick for the bishops, pastors, etc. And the ones I have belonged to in the past mainly preached a prosperity doctrine.

AKIL2016​ that’s what I’m talking about Brother Elijah

Seven 7 Seven​ I do not attend a traditional church house.

AKIL2016 ​our body is the temple

Elijah Williams ​I am a member of a non denominational church. It is the Church of Christ. We follow the Bible in the New Testament as the first church did in Acts. However, I am not blind to know that Satan is also

Elijah Williams ​In the Church. And not everyone is going to Heaven

Elijah Williams​ And they will try to bring you down as well.

Elijah Williams​ But you must read and let the Spirit lead you yourselves to the truth

AKIL2016​ that’s right Brother

Seven 7 Seven​ @ Elijah Williams. Yes the last church I attended was Interdenominational. And I realized after-the-fact, that was only a moniker used to reach more pocketbooks and wallets.

AKIL2016 ​retrib

AKIL2016 ​retribution

Elijah Williams​ We don’t preach prosperity, no music, we all sing together, there’s no founder but Christ, no hierarchy no member rules no atm in the church lol

AKIL2016​ I heard that God

Elijah Williams​ I hear a lot of foolishness in the other churches I hear about. We speak the truth as it is in the Word.

Elijah Williams​ I know some of you have given up but try a Church of Christ near you. Your results may vary.

Elijah Williams ​But if they are teaching what’s in the Word- the Spirit and some common sense will let u know

AKIL2016​ Facts

AKIL2016​ F the fear tatics

Elijah Williams ​Lance will you do a podcast on weak family members or family members who don’t take responsibility for their lives? I need Prayer

Barbra Jacobs​ Blessings Brother Lance

pinkmotorcycle​ Law is mostly structured around money rather than sustaining the value of Life

AKIL2016​ Facts

Linwood Payne​well I think that is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness

AKIL2016 ​Come now

AKIL2016 come on now

AKIL2016​ teach

LanceScurv​ Barbra!!!

Elijah Williams ​I don’t go to Church. I am the church

Barbra Jacobs​ Greetings all

Linwood Payne ​give us the lesson plan

Barbra Jacobs ​Lance you’ve got the master on

AKIL2016 ​Peace Goddess

LanceScurv ​Yes INDEED Barbra!!!!

Elijah Williams​ Greetings

Barbra Jacobs​ Master Keston… love him

Barbra Jacobs ​Hi brother Elijah blessings to you

Elijah Williams​ We must live in Spirit and in Truth.

pinkmotorcycle​ Galatians 4:24 KJV

Elijah Williams ​God is a Spirit, and they that worship must worship in Spirit and in truth. God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear- but of power love and a sound mind

AKIL2016 ​real rap

AKIL2016 ​Truth

Elijah Williams​ Amen. You must love God first, then love others as you love yourself. God will teach you how to love yourself, take care of yourself, respect yourself

Elijah Williams ​Wow

AKIL2016 ​that’s right Brother Elijah

Elijah Williams ​What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose His soul

Barbra Jacobs​ We are the church.. church is not a building gathering at the building is fellowship

AKIL2016​ yep

Elijah Williams​ My minister says if you have a money problem u really don’t have a problem at all

Elijah Williams​ Yep @barbra Jacobs I broke that down earlier lol

Elijah Williams​ What do you think about the Rothschild etc conspiracies that the Fed Reserve plays with the money

Barbra Jacobs​ You’re doing great Elijah

Elijah Williams​ It’s all evil and Satan anyway

Elijah Williams​ It’s not even paper it’s electronic now

Elijah Williams​ The borrower is the slave to the lender

AKIL2016 ​Brother Lance and my other brother I would like to chop it up and build sometimes with you

Elijah Williams​ Charging interest

Elijah Williams​ Lance I need to speak with you as well

LanceScurv​Anytime Akil! My cell is 407.590.0755

LanceScurv​ Call in now at 888.575.3769

AKIL2016​ Thanks a Million God

LanceScurv ​Call me right after the broadcast Elijah and akil

LanceScurv​ Or anytime tonight….I’m going to be up late and hit the streets with my video camera….

Barbra Jacobs ​Ppl are afraid of the mirror!!!!

Barbra Jacobs​ Bob Marley was a prophet ahead of his time

AKIL2016​ ok my Brother

Elijah Williams ​Love can NEVER been received- it can only be GIVEN

Elijah Williams​ *be

Elijah Williams​ Amen preach no weapons

Barbra Jacobs​ Why have you accepted God.’s love then

Barbra Jacobs​ @elijah GOD IS LOVE

Elijah Williams​ We love Him because He first loved us…

AKIL2016​ Fac

Elijah Williams​ He gave His Son— you jumped on the live late we went through God is Love. Not disputing that. Love is an action

AKIL2016 ​Facts

AKIL2016 ​God is everywhere

Elijah Williams​ Amen

AKIL2016​ real talk

Barbra Jacobs​ Amen God is everywhere

ZION BENYAH​ heleluyah

AKIL2016​ discredit

Elijah Williams​ That’s what the Lord says- we are destroyed by lack of knowledge

Seven 7 Seven​ I got kicked out the room and it took me forever to get back it.

LanceScurv ​Zion!

AKIL2016 ​us truth seekers stick out like a sore thumb in this society

Elijah Williams​ Amen preach amen


AKIL2016​ Facts

ZION BENYAH ​hallaluyah my brother your talking the truth

Seven 7 Seven​@ LanceScurv Where is Brother Keaton originally from?

ZION BENYAH ​real real talk

Barbra Jacobs ​Preach brother keston

Seven 7 Seven​*Keston

LanceScurv​St. Catherine Jamaica!

Seven 7 Seven​Thanks!

LanceScurv​ He is Mrs. Scurv’s Brother…

AKIL2016 ​God give us everything to survive on Earth at Birth

ZION BENYAH​ seek and he Shall find

pinkmotorcycle ​Great topic

Seven 7 Seven ​I need to go back and rewatch. I missed some of the broadcast.

Elijah Williams​ Two great videos today sir

AKIL2016 ​This build was powerful

Barbra Jacobs​ Blessings all

Seven 7 Seven​Good night everyone!!!

AKIL2016 ​Thank You

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