Black People And The Doomed Religion Of Niggerism!

Today was a day of days!

So many thoughts, epiphanies and revelations hit me and overloaded my mental circuitry! But understand that this is a phenomenon that I absolutely LOVE! The best way that I can explain it is to say that it is like a mindgasm of sorts. It actually goes into the physical self and blanks me out for a few moments in a reality of utter nirvana!

Just the same way a physical orgasm floods all areas of one’s being – mental, physical and spiritual – is the same way my personal mental overloads rush into the other areas of my essence! These moments tie any loose ends of my being together in a manner that causes them to work in a synchronized manner even more proficiently than before.


The physical orgasm may feel as though it starts in the body but it should eventually flood over into the mind and spirit if it is something gifted to you from the Creator if you are in line with His will. But these mindgasms start in the mind and eventually spill over into the physical and spirit body if you have absorbed enough truth into your soul and avoid the propaganda that dilutes your mission.

Yes, I know that it may seem that I am talking gibberish and I guarantee you that I do not indulge in any illegal substances but I also said not too long ago that I was going to not hold back in what hits my soul to share. And if there are those who do not understand my flow then maybe one day soon when you come to certain realizations you will! But right now I do not know how much longer I have on this level so I must put things down as they come raw, unadulterated and pure!

Although I do not follow any sports at all except for the sport of boxing, I did know that today in Orlando Florida was the Florida Classic Football Game. This is a huge event in the Black community not only for Central Florida, but for so many alumni who venture from all over the country and even the world to see their team play and hopefully win.

It seems to me that it really doesn’t matter who wins but the event is all about getting together with old schoolmates and buddies to share the memories and keep up with what each other is doing in the present time. A good backdrop to having those reunions and having a wholesome good old time. I don’t see anything wrong with that at all.

But I have noticed another faction at this event year after year that to me seems to be getting increasingly bothersome to the clean and joyous festivities that make so many families venture to Orlando for a memorable time…….

What might it be you ask?

It’s the ignorant trashy low down buffoonery that too many Negros indulge in that make us appear to be nothing but a modern day clown.

Notice that I called them “Negros” and not Black people. You remember what comedian extraordinaire Chris Rock said about the difference between niggers and Black people. Well understand that I was merely being nice in calling them Negros. Understood?

Year after year the rims on these clown cars get bigger and bigger. Most of these expensive rims are rented for the weekend from these local shops that specialize in doing just that……. renting fancy car rims!


Have you ever heard of such a thing? And it’s not Black people who own these shops where they rent this garbage from, it’s foreigners! I ain’t hatin’ but more power to them if they can get that money but damn! How stupid can WE BE?No wonder these new immigrants feel like the streets of the United States of America are paved with gold, it’s the streets of OUR neighborhoods!

We will invest hundreds of dollars in merely renting a set of flashy spinning neon glowing car rims but couldn’t tell to the last time they saw the inside of a bookstore to purchase a good book to educate themselves!

Now you know why you will NEVER see a Barnes & Noble bookstore in an African-American neighborhood, it would go out of business soon after the doors open for business! The Korean beauty shop and nail joint would bypass them in sales easily!

Speaking of which, have you seen these idiotic hairstyles that our young (And unfortunately some of us old folks!) women are wearing? These so called styles have more colors in them than a BIG BOX of Crayola Crayons! This leads me to believe that Black people, oops…….I mean Nigg*** or rather Negros value what is ON their head more so than what is IN their heads!

Ghetto Hoochie Mama Hair Styles
Ghetto Hoochie Mama Hair Styles

Or better yet, that they celebrate Halloween a month later than everybody else because the outfits that I saw were crazier than any Halloween costume that I’ve ever seen! But seriously, when I see these outlandish styles that turn a public street into a Hoe Stroll (Which means a street infested with prostitutes for those who didn’t understand the terminology!) it shows me how insecure many of or women really are!

Yes! I am saying it. INSECURE! Because if a woman has any self worth about herself then she would NOT put herself out there to be a plaything for the masses to view her in such a lowdown manner. They feel deep down that they have nothing more to offer so their meal ticket is their fat funky ass! So this is all you will see parading about the earth around you in every way, shape and form. The miniskirts get shorter every year just as the tempers do when the alcohol levels banish all reasoning and better judgment resulting in the bloated news programs that report the abundance of “Niggeristic” behavior from the night before. Some old same old. Does it really every change?

I thought to myself as I drove through the endless sea of exposed cleavages, see through dresses, saggin’ pants and broken English on how we as a people have fallen back so far yet have such a strong collective purchasing power that if focused could turn our communities around over and above any progress that we have ever seen since our capture to these shores.

But, in reality, we just piddle away our financial resources on shit that won’t even matter not only a few years from now, but not even a few days from now.

The conditions in the ‘hood will still be there after the partying is over…….

The crying babies will still scream for their absentee fathers during the holidays…….

The various crimes committed will continue to the number one employer of our Black youth just as well as the dreams of being a big time rapper will continue to seduce these same young men who don’t even know how to read as though you can understand what is on a contract without being able to understand what is on it.

We sure do have a lot to learn and it seems as though we just have no interest in anything that is not based in all things hedonistic.

Many will say that America has failed us, but more and more it appears that we have failed our own damned selves…….

While I love progressive Black people, I have to admit that I can’t STAND niggers! I won’t even give that word a capital “N” because it doesn’t deserve it. But it is a word that many say should be banished and I agree. It SHOULD be banished but should be done so because we stop ACTING like the word! If we stand tall like the intended manifestations of God on earth Himself then the word “nigger” would run away so fast and die somewhere in the woods and never be missed!

But our niggardly actions keep it alive yet we focus on the word and refuse to address the living embodiment of that word which is alive and well around us everyday!

All the while when I was driving today I had to be immersed in this sad state of affairs which I call niggerism.

What is niggerism?

It’s the epitome of all things nigger.

It’s the rejection of all things dignified.

All things intelligent.

All things upstanding.

All things humble.

All things decent.

All things self control.

All things of order.

All things of responsibility.

All thing discipline.

All things hard work.

All things manifest out of love for self, ’cause niggers don’t love themselves. Niggers hate themselves and this is why the nigger neighborhoods are torn up like they are!

You can be dirt poor and still keep your surroundings clean and in order. You can be dirt poor and still afford soap and a scrub brush. You can be dirt poor and take the time to throw away your trash in the proper receptacle, but it’s funny how the garbage in the streets in the nigger neighborhood is every where else BUT in the garbage cans…….isn’t that something.

How can you expect an orderly way of life when your mind is out of order and out of control? As a man thinketh so is he!

And how did we get to thinking this way? What nipple were WE as a people have been sucking on that has given us the wrong devalued spiritual nutrition that has landed us in the critical condition that we are in and at deaths door?

I won’t even go there because if you have followed my work then you should already know the answer! But needless to say a change is definitely the order of the day.

I am willing to help these niggers if they would only listen to me as a Black man. But I have a love hate relationship with them and it is honestly wearing me down. When does the buffoonery stop? Are we that far gone that the only course of action is to write us off like a car that is totaled and damaged beyond repair in a terrible automobile accident?

I’d hate to think so but that thought has crossed my mind with an ever increasing frequency that is now bothering me. I mean, everyone should want their particular race do well as well as those who share the same culture. But time and time again I am being let down and feeling disappointed like that hard working Mother who has a child who constantly comes home with a school report card full of failing marks. You have to love them because they are part of you but the ways and actions that result in their preventable failures just irk you down to the core.

Like that drunk uncle who shows up uninvited to that family gathering only to bring up everyone’s dirt from the past and cause a good gathering to turn sour.

Like that crackhead brother who you can’t keep around you but has the gift of gab that surfaces when you need the moral support that doesn’t seem to exist at that crucial time. “Thanks for the words Brother, here’s five dollars, go get a hit and get out of my face! I can’t be enjoyin’ yo’ words like that ’cause I feel like my guard is dropping!”

When you are connected to someone or an entire people, you want them to do better but it breaks your heart to see how others look at them in amusement and enjoy the free show that we have become to the world.

Think that we are not the modern day Minstrel men of the world?

Minstrel Man
Minstrel Man

Well how come when foreigners come here the first thing they know how to say is “Hey my nigga!” as well as other poorly conjugated curse words that they feel will endear them us and give them some automatic honorary membership and privileges into some imagined club of Black people. Haven’t you ever noticed that?

It is time to realize that we will miss the boat if we continue on this morally bankrupt and plunging downward spiral and trajectory toward nothingness as we have been chosen for a divine mission to show the entire world that there is a God and that miracles do happen! He Himself said that the last shall be first and the first shall be last but we seem to resist ANY uplifting that would put us in position to give our God the glory and He is angry!

Not only is our God angry with us but He is sad. He is saddened when He sees what we have allowed ourselves to become. It breaks His heart and He won’t let it go on that much longer! We have to understand that while we all have a chance to have our names written in the Book Of Life that the pencil that writes our name in it has a big fat eraser! So don’t think that it can’t be removed with the quickness people!


Let us shed this cocoon of ignorance, decadence and foolishness and pick up the mantel of righteousness while it is there to wear before it is too late. Not only does you eternal existence depend on it, but our subsequent generations to come are depending on us because the world we create now is the world that will be left for them.

Good night my friends and allow me to apologize to you for such a long ramble. But if you made it this far then I must thank you for hearing me out!

Nite nite!

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One Voice
One Voice
February 24, 2021 1:48 AM

10 years ago this was written and the situation has only magnified. The youth in urban zones is delusionally incompetent. And worse, proud of it. It seems they do not listen to anything but violence. I despair.

February 7, 2018 11:37 PM

Black American culture started going downhill once LBJ’s Great Society took effect, making blacks parasitic to the Welfare State.

December 19, 2011 9:51 PM

Lance, living outside the Matrix has it's own set of problems. Evil is magnified and you get to see it for what it truly is.That can be a very painful experience to watch your brothers and sisters walk around in ignorance of this evil that has hijacked their lives. What's more frustrating is watching your words seemingly fall on deaf ears.
You need to up your ministry with prayers and fasting so the spirit of God can raise the dead.

November 19, 2011 11:31 PM

Nailed it again, my brother. Keep on going!

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