Black People Are Their Own Worse Enemies!

Black People Are Their Own Worst Enemies and no Devil In Hell can stop us if we weren’t so proficient in stopping ourselves!

A thought hit me this morning in the meditation that I indulge in every morning before my feet hit the ground running in my busy day.

I thought about how many other races support their activists not only with financial support, but with the donated elbow grease that is necessary to breathe life into any concerted focused movement of change.

But from a personal standpoint in doing what I do here in cyberspace I can honestly say that many Black people have an issue with supporting any cause or anyone who goes to bat in a cause that would benefit them greatly.

Do we like to be ignorant, exploited and on the broken bottom rung of society?

It seems as though we do!

…….again, this is not all of us, but TOO MANY OF US!

You see, I’ve always been my own man and danced to the beat of my own drummer, whether you love me or hate me you all will agree that this is the case with me.

So whether I get support from my circle or not matters not because I am a self perpetuated entity who won’t stop pushing unless I tell myself to.

But from what I’ve experienced in my personal journey here in cyberspace alone with my talk show is the thing that bestselling novels are made of!

The egos, the envies, the sense of importance and need to be seen and heard, the self serving agendas that are paper thin and so obvious…….these things tell me that most of us are so dysfunctional that we won’t ever begin to execute the unity that God wants with every faction of the planet to bring world peace.

Yes, there has always been bickering and fighting throughout the annals of time in all cultures, races and nationalities. But I think that Black americans won the prize when I see how lowdown we can go and quite frankly I won’t have anything to do with any of it!

Strange enough indeed…….

Let me go on the record for saying that I live a very full and well rounded life, most of my online offerings except the artwork is created “on the go” as I do the other things that are totally unrelated to what I share on the internet. I have often told my Wife that if it wasn’t for WHAT I do out here, I probably wouldn’t be interested enough to even have a Twitter account or Facebook page other than to receive the up to date information that it has become so useful for.


But to sit up in front of a screen to watch the update page like one would do when watching a fish tank is not my idea of a full life…….but to each his own.

So when I schedule a show that will uplift our minds and take us to another level of consciousness not because I’m such a deep person but because of the scheduled guest who may have something to offer because of their particular area of expertise, many I’ve found won’t even share the news because it’s not the buffoonery that they are used to getting online.

While my shows are for EVERYONE, and I mean Black, White, Asian, Native American and Indian, it’s a bit disappointing when I get more responses on the shows from those other races than I do for the people to whom I intended to benefit the most!

But if I were to advertise a program on the Pastors who slept with the most women in their congregation or the freaky women stories from my past, the switchboards would literally be JAMMED!

Hot Pants

Yes, too many of us love filth but won’t indulge ourselves in the activities and exchange that will take us out of that same filth!

Farmville, Mafia Wars, Candy Crush and the list goes on, while I have no problem with anyone having a mental break from the grind of life, it doesn’t mean that your ENTIRE DAY must be caught up in this foolishness. And you wonder why our communities are dying a rapid swift death!

Today in 2013 we have more means of communication between us and it’s easier to share thoughts, ideas, photos and even movies clips in live time! When back in the days of slavery we had to mask our communications in a song so that we didn’t lose our lives if the slave master discovered our plans for leaving the plantation to escape free that night.


Back in those days we would be killed if we even THOUGHT about picking up a book to learn how to read it yet today in 2013 we have the unlimited resources of instant information at our fingertips yet we are even more illiterate than when it was illegal to read!


Our young girls are more proud of their newly grown D-Cup titties yet have no emotional connection to the failure of the “D’s” that infest their report cards more than the mold on a two week old piece of stale bread.


Our young men show more ass in the street from their sagging pants yet seem to refuse to learn something of substance to thwart the effects of a sagging mind.

But who am I to say this?

I make a point to take stock of my personal life every year and strive to find myself in a better more efficient place than I was in the previous year and thank God I have been blessed to succeed in my aspirations on this level.

But I know that unless I took care of the basics in my life that I could not sustain the high output levels that I do now almost effortlessly if my foundation wasn’t sound.

Too many of us want to be the captain but refuse to learn to clean the ship in order to learn that ship inside and out!

Too many of us want to move to the head of the class without picking up a book to study all that the curriculum offers our minds to become that head.

Too many of our women think that by slapping some horse hair and oily makeup with a few tattoos on a toxic obese body makes them sexy because a few dudes want to merely deposit some sperm in them for the moment.

Hood Chicks

Too many of our men feel as though that by making a baby makes them a man when in fact any “male” can hump on a woman and procreate but can YOU raise a child into a responsible independent God fearing adult?

The bottom line of what I’m saying is that we have overall issues in our lives that we just don’t seem that we want to face, and until we face those issues we can call ourselves any title we wish but it means nothing when in the end we are still rotten to the core.

So all so called movements that we call ourselves joining onto will do nothing for our people in the end if we don’t make sure to have that mental, spiritual and emotional bowel movement of our souls to remove those niggardly toxicities that will always keep us down and ineffective to living the full life that our Creator intended us to live!

Black people are their own worst enemies!

What are you going to do to change this?

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Self Sufficient Clean Living – Substance/Toxicity Free Independent Brother,



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carla Djamila
carla Djamila
September 22, 2013 4:13 PM

I just have one problem with your assessments, and that is what we see all the time in the writing, preaching and sermons. People criticizing but not presenting any particular solution on how to stop the Epidemy. I personally don’t think that advices in form of criticism work well, people are oversensitive when it comes to criticism and they don’t pay attention and access what was really been said.

Lance Scurvin
Reply to  carla Djamila
September 23, 2013 12:01 PM

If I cause the masses to think then I believe that I’ve done my job. Solutions come when we begin to dialogue with each other as the solutions come when we indulge our minds for these answers. the process has begun and thank you for being a part of it.

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