Black People Beware: Organ Theft Is Alive & Well At A Hospital Near You! – The LanceScurv Show

A simple trip to the local hospital for an overnight stay for something minor can mean death to those who have no clue what lurks behind the walls of what many have come to know as a perpetual chamber of death! We go to hospitals to get well and regain our health through the magic of modern medicine and the latest advanced technologies that weren’t there just a few years ago, but because of the greed that has always existed since the beginning of time, many have died because of the profits earned from the underground world of organ theft that has many poor Black people as the prey of this hidden industry.

You couldn’t tell me that this is something that exists on the street level with crude instruments to extract the organs of human beings and it not get exposed quickly! We as Black people have nothing to do with that twisted demonic hierarchy and if we did it wouldn’t last too long for sure!

So it HAS to be highly organized and basically “known”  and approved by the so called legitimate “powers that be” because organs could ONLY be stolen and stored away in these hospitals that are equipped to do so! Think about it!

With so many rich and affluent people all over the world near death’s door who would pay a fortune to live a little longer by getting the fresh young strong organs that they needed an industry that caters to them would HAVE to be created! But when you peel back the covering even more so you have to equate the drive by shootings, mysterious disappearances of our youth – that almost NEVER receive the publicity and coverage that missing White children receive – with something highly organized and deadly for us as a people. Someone evidently hates us but those same demons LOVE our organs and blood because it means LIFE to them and LOTS of profits!

So whenever you are going to the hospital even if it’s for something minor, ALWAYS bring a family member or friend with you who will make a point of questioning/documenting EVERYTHING as well as staying with you around the clock even as you sleep!

We will speak today with a young Woman who will remain anonymous who has her own REAL STORY to tell about the ORGAN THEFT of her family member and what we must do as a people to protect ourselves. This is a true case of fact being stranger than fiction but then again how many of us can say that we’ve lived normal lives right here in America? Our show will begin at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time October 21, 2016 right here on this page and I do NOT want anyone to miss this! See you then!

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