Black People & Their Skin Bleaching Addiction! -The LanceScurv Show

Skin Bleaching Cream is unfortunately a hot selling item the world over especially in the international Black Community, why is it this way and what is at the root of the demand for a cream that can make our dark skin almost like that of a Caucasian?

What is this an indication of?

Many will say that they merely use it to even and balance out a complexion that has has blotches that they desire to remove. Many will speak of the “smoke” of the reasons why they use the skin whitening cream while never addressing the “fire” that drives them to have gotten caught up in this addiction in the first place!

Mrs. Scurv and LanceScurv go in hard on the many aspects of this epidemic of a mental illness that many definitely refuse to acknowledge!

Black People & Their SKIN BLEACHING ADDICTION! -The LanceScurv Show

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